Shy Sissy, Aria takes her sissy to a party part two

So I took my shy sissy by the hand, and led her out of my room. We didn’t have far to go to get to the party, because luckily it was just next door. I looked back to check on Rachel and she had her eyes downcast with a blossoming blush across her cheeks. This will be her debut into the world as Rachel, so I understood that she was nervous.

There is no reason to be scared, I will be there with you. Everyone at the party will welcome you with open arms.” I reassured her. She finally made eye contact and nodded with some excitement. So I tugged her forward and we made our way next door to the party.

I didn’t bother knocking, we were expected guests. So I barged right in, with Rachel in tow. We came to a stop in the spacious living room and all eyes turned to us. “Rachel, I’d like for you to meet all my friends. Girls, this is my shy little sissy, Rachel. Please give her a warm welcome.” I announce proudly to nearly a dozen gorgeous girls ranging from 18 to 25.

So you see, this party wasn’t just a sissy debut… this was a play party. I shifted position so I was right behind Rachel, and I reached around to lift her skirt up. Her bulging clit fighting against the pink lace trapping it.

All the girls gasped, oohing and ahhing at the sight.

Rachel tried covering herself with her hands, but one of the girls, Sarah, stepped up and pulled her hands away. “Don’t cover up, there’s no need to be shy with us.” She said. She slowly lowered to her knees and another girl, Alice, quickly joined her. They pulled the lacy pink wrapping down just enough to spring Rachel’s clit free.

I stayed behind Rachel, letting my hands slide up her body, slipping beneath the clothes until I found her sensitive nipples. Rachel gasped in a moan as the same time, Sarah wrapped her lips around her clit. Alice went down and started licking on her balls. We were systematically attacking Rachel on all fronts.

Those of us who weren’t actively teasing and coaxing her out of her shell, were watching attentively. Some girls even slipping their hands down into their own pair of panties at the show. So, as Sarah bobbed up and down, taking Rachel’s clit down her throat, Rachel came alive.

Rachel began bucking her hips, wanting more. And when she began thrusting faster and faster, Sarah and Alice pulled back. They sat on their heels and waited, with tongues sticking out. Before Rachel could finish herself, I reached around and began jerking her off. The sensation of a small and delicate hand like my own jerking her off must have been too much. As she shot her load all over Sarah and Alice, spraying them with so much cum, they looked coated.

Rachel stood there panting a Sarah and Alice cleaned each other off. My hands roamed back up her body, pinching a nipple. I whispered in her ear. “You make such a good little Sissy Slut… I think we will keep playing with you from now on…”

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