Shy Sissy, Aria takes her sissy to a party part one

People who know me, know that I have two warring personalities. I don’t mean one slutty and one normal. I’m all slut, all the time. What I mean is that half of me is super bubbly, girly, and frilly, while the other half of me likes a more laid back and casual appearance. One of the things that really brings out my girly side, are delicious little sissy boys. This blog is all about a particular shy sissy I played with recently.

Her name is Rachel. She has a male name, but I refuse to refer to her by it. The moment she stepped into my house, I greeted her as Rachel. She arrived in a pair of ill fitting jeans and a button up shirt. Her hands were greasy from a long day at work and I sighed at the amount of work I had before me.

Straight to the back of the hall is the bathroom. Take a long hot shower, scrub yourself raw, shave everywhere, and meet me in my room when you’re done.” I instructed.

Rachel complied immediately, knowing that I was in charge. I was the superior woman between the two of us. But that was part of the reason she was here, for me to help her become the ideal girl. I waited in my room for nearly an hour, not at all phased as I knew it would take her time to complete her task. The wafting smell of lavender and orchids told me when she was done.

She entered my room wrapped in a towel low at the hips.

I tsked and grabbed the towel, pulling it up to cover her chest. “You know better than that!” I admonished. Rachel gave me a sheepish “sorry” and sat on my bed where I pointed. The real fun started then. So I pulled the outfit out of my closet and handed it to her. “Lets get you ready for the party.” I said with a smirk.

So getting dressed was the easy part. All the clothes fit Rachel, I had made sure they would. She really pulled off the gray with pink trim thigh high socks, the pink and gray plaid skirt, and the pink and white tank top. I had her in a killer pair of bubblegum pink pumps to boot. The outfit was perfect, and with a little finesse, I had the hair and makeup perfect too. She had beautiful long hair that I blow dried and pulled into low pig tails, and made sure she was fresh faced and glossed up to party.

The last thing she needed to put on before we left for the party was the lacy pink thong I had picked out for her. So I crouched down and held the panties open for her to step into. I pulled them up and up her gorgeous long legs, and made sure they were securely covering her rock hard clit. I looked up into her eyes and smiled slyly. Tonight was going to be so much fun.

Enjoying part one of my shy sissy story? Come back Sunday to read part two! If you want to experience the sissification all for yourself, then check out the audio here.




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