It’s got to be quite humiliating, that you can’t even perform one of the simplest sex acts to its fullest! Most women enjoy sucking on a massive cock… However, you’d just be a disappointment, wouldn’t you? 

 Sorry if you are offended because I keep laughing. I just can’t help it! You come to me admitting what a loser you are and expect me to be able to hold my composure!? Although it is really 100% your own fucking fault. After all, you knew prior to coming to me, how tiny your own dick is.

However, you still came! Being totally Humiliated!

So, you decided all on your own to succumb to the humiliation and torture you’re about to undergo. Your fate was sealed when you clicked the link because you were simply intrigued by what I had to say in my title. Little did you know you were going to be totally and completely hooked on me already. 

Just a simple little bitch, with a tiny ass cock. Waiting for his moment of fame and laughter! You already know what you’re in store for, so why are you waiting? Come find out what I really think about that pathetic little clit-stick you keep trying to call a cock! 

Ew! Why that fuck is it twitching at me? Are you seriously fucking getting hard? I bet you want to fucking rub that tiny little humiliating clit dick right in front of my fucking face.

 Rub it just like it was a vagina. 

I mean, I guess you could stroke it. However, it may be a bit of a struggle since it would only be with your thumb and index finger. I do have a pair of tweezers for you! You could definitely try them, and see how it goes! Although I bet even that would prove to be quite the struggle! THIS has to be so HUMILIATING! LMAO. 

Just looking at that small little excuse for a wiener hurts my sides from laughter. The truly sad thing is, there is absolutely no way you could EVER redeem yourself! It’s not like you can grow a bigger cock next week! You’re stuck with your tiny little excuse for a penis! Forever sentenced to a life of humiliating giggles and snide comments! 

However, I’m sure you’re used to that by now. Given the fact, you’re at least 18 years old! You’ve lived with this “PROBLEM” for quite some time now. I mean, I’m sure you lived in denial for quite a few of those years. Although, there is no way you’re going to convince me that you’re still in denial. 

You and I both know how incredibly tiny your pathetic clit is! Shall we measure it?

Come, let me prove your pathetic shortcomings to you. While we put your tiny little prick-stick up against a Real Cock! A nice big 9 inch BBC! 

Do you dare risk what security you still attempt to hold onto? Furthermore, enduring all the Humiliation just to prove a point?

Or are you going to allow me to rip that from you as well with every ounce of dignity you have left?

Click Here For Part 1!

So, Let’s play. 

If you dare. 



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