Hey there, it is Jade. It was certainly fucking nice of you to come over and fuck this little pussy. However, I have a really good question for you. What did you think was going to happen when you pulled down your fucking pants You really didn’t think you’d escape humiliation, did you?

So, Did you actually think I was going to be impressed by your little engine that couldn’t? 

Oh my fucking God, if you haven’t gotten humiliation phone sex yet, you are going to crave it now. It’s going to be the only thing you’re going to be able to think about. It will leave a pathetic little bitch like you coming back for more and more! Just think, that little shrimp dick is entirely useless to me sexually. 

Although, it is a great form of entertainment while I laugh at your dumb ass! I can’t believe you actually thought you were going to do something with that tiny pathetic little carrot of disappointment! No upstanding girl would EVER want to even go close to that tiny little thing you call a penis! You have to be joking, you didn’t ACTUALLY think that it was big, did you? There’s no way that you actually convinced yourself that your penis was huge!

You deserve this humiliation phone sex!

 I mean just look at it. So, what is that? About 3-4 inches? Maybe even smaller!? I honestly feel a little bit bad for all of the fucking shaming and name-calling you are about to get! You have no idea how ruthless I can be! I’m sure you see this cute little innocent-looking package and think that there’s no way it will be that bad! Hell, It will probably grow a few centimeters with how freaking horny I am about to make you! All while using the size of your pathetic little clit against you! 

However, you didn’t actually think I was going to allow you to go on calling it a Dick, did you? You’re not that delusional to think that I would actually allow you to use that thing you try to call a penis on me! Everyone knows that a suitable penis is AT LEAST 6 inches! Most of the time, I don’t even look at anything lower than 5 and that’s being generous! I mean if you have a cock that is THAT small why would you even want to show someone? I think I would be trembling in fear from all of the humiliation I was about to experience!

There’s no way in hell, I would ever even consider something that tiny a dick! 

However, feeling bad for you is not going to deter me at all. I wouldn’t even want to put something that small in my mouth. Or anywhere close to me for that matter!  How does it feel to know you have, and never will make a woman gag on your pathetically small cock? 

Furthermore, you will never get the chance to “Deep Throat” anyone! 

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So, Come play, Pervs. 



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