This shower was about to get a lot better. Knowing my used and abused pussy would be swollen I slid one finger into myself. I needed to rinse all this soap off of me before I could do much more to myself. Slowly I rubbed my soaped hand from front to back. Cleaning off all the cum that had showered down on me. Sliding my fingers over my ass I groan at how tender and sore my little hole was. 

Making sure I had soaped up every inch of my skin I grabbed the shower head. Removing it from its attachment I giggled. Turning the spray on a soft shower I run it over my body. Washing away any evidence left on me. As the spray hit my breasts my pink nipples hardened even more. Remembering him taking my breast in his mouth the way he’d tugged on them making them so sensitive. 

Unable to wait any longer I quickly rinsed myself the rest of the way off. Except my hot wet swollen pussy that is. No patience left I propped one leg on the side and using my other hand I spread my swollen pussy lips apart. Fuck the first contact of the water made me jump so bad I dropped the shower head. The sound of it hitting the floor flashed me back to him pushing all his stuff off his desk as he pushed me down over it. Oh the things he did to me.

Grabbing the head again I lean back against the shower wall and spray it against me. This time bracing for the sensations that ran everywhere. The water softly beating at my swollen clit, I moaned. Biting my lip I moved it between my legs and between my ass cheeks making sure to rinse off completely. The hot water soothing the abused areas. Now that I was clean of the soap I adjusted the spray. The hard spray that hit the wall made me hold back another giggle knowing I’d last seconds if I was lucky.

Trying to detay the gratification I moved the spray to my pussy hole feeling it rinse away any last evidence. The fingers of my free hand squeezed my breast and teased my nipple as I started to move the spray slowly to my clit. Slowly. Thinking back to him burying himself in me and filling me I get close to my clit with the shower head. Spreading my legs further open I hit it at the same time I pinch my nipple. Screaming I struggle to not slide down as I feel wave after wave or orgasm hit me. The water pounding against my swollen clit mercilessly as I cum. Unable to take it anymore feeling spent I dropped the shower head. The pulse hitting the wall, me  weak to turn it off yet. How delicious it is to find ways to get dirty even when getting clean.

I really hope you enjoyed part 2. I hope you  you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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