I was covered in cum after a long amazing night and it was time for a hot shower. I had just got home from the party and needed to get clean. A smile played on my lips. Removing my dress I enjoyed knowing I’d left myself messy on purpose. I wanted to wash my sins away in a hot shower. Looking down at my dress seeing the streaks of cum that had stayed on the inside of it. 

I put my hand under the flow of the stream and felt it was just  right. Stepping under the head I let the water pour over me.

 The heat of the water instantly built up steam surrounding me. Reaching for the shampoo and conditioner I could feel my muscles sore from being stretched and used in many various positions. Just thinking about it as I washed my hair I could feel my swollen pussy clench. 

Feeling the water run down my back there was a small sting from the soap as I rinsed out my hair. Oh he had been trouble but I gave as good as I got. The scratches at my waist where he’d gripped me tight as he buried himself into me hard and brutal were a good kind of pain.

 I hoped he felt the same way of the scratch marks down his back. I mean what did he expect when he wouldn’t listen to me saying I couldn’t take anymore. That and the bite mark over his bicep when he made me cum yet again. Now which time it was he’d had me screaming and biting him I could not remember.

 As I grabbed my soap and loofa I tried to count back to how many orgasms. Giggling I gave up and started to soap up my body. Running the loofa over my breasts I was reminded of the fact he had done some biting himself. I could still see his teeth marks wrapped around my nipple. 

Flashing back to his mouth seizing my breast again as he buried himself in me made goosebumps run up and down. Running the loofa down my legs I smile knowing I’d been in the same exact position earlier. My tight asshole tender after being played with.

 There hadn’t been a hole I hadn’t begged to be taken tonight. Running the loofa over my swollen lower lips I couldn’t hold in the gasp. I hadn’t even got between them and knew the loofa would be too much for my oversensitive pussy. 

Grabbing the soap and pouring some into my hands I spread my legs further apart. Lathering the soap between my hands I flash back to using my hands on him. Sliding them up and down on him before torturing him with my mouth. 

Oh so gently I slid my fingers between my lips and gasped. My legs almost give out at the first initial touch. Oh I couldn’t resist. Leaning back against the wall of the shower I slowly start to run my fingers over myself, my other hand grasping my tender breast. I Needed to cum again.

I really hope you enjoyed part 1. Make sure to come back for part 2 on Sunday to find out if I fall apart in this shower. If you just can’t wait until Sunday to hear the conclusion you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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