Shower Time, Aria has naughty fun with the shower head part two

Who knew that shower time would come to this? I’m panting with need, holding the handle to the shower head as it beats against my chest. So I turn the jet onto my breasts, hitting my nipples and whimpering as the assault sends waves of pleasure down my spine.

I make sure to pay attention to both breasts, watching as my nipples grow even bigger and harder through such rough stimulation. I reach up with my free hand and pinch one nipple as I bring the shower head lower. The shower head finally makes it to the apex of my thighs, and I gasp in ecstasy. The powerful force of the water jet hits my clit directly and my knees buckle from the shock.

It may have been a shock, but I don’t dare pull the jet away. In fact I bring it closer, shifting the head so that it alternates between hard and soft, direct and indirect pressure. My hips start bucking on their own accord, until I’m outright moaning. I bite my lip to try to keep quiet, knowing that the bathroom amplifies sound and it shares a wall with my roommate’s room.

Squeezing my eyes tight, I try to keep my noises to a minimum.

So I keep my bottom lip firmly trapped between my teeth while I go to town on my engorged clit. I’m building and building, until I see stars on the back of my eyelids. The wave of release washes over me and my thighs instinctively clamp shut as I ride my orgasm.

But my legs closing causes me to hold the shower head in place and the jet keeps spraying on my most sensitive part. I can’t help but cry out, sliding down the back wall until I’m crouched down with my legs parted. The shower head falls to the floor and the water jet is adjusted slightly…

It’s new placement is hardly a relief, as the jet is aimed right at my pussy. The hot water shoots inside of me and I whimper once again. Even though I am still coming off the high of orgasm, my hands reach down and I start fingering myself.

All this masturbating I’ve been doing is hardly curbing the cravings I’m having! I need to be filled! I need to be pounded! Drilled! Fucked like the dirty fucking slut I am! It’s just not fair… I need a nice hard cock… Will you help me?

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  1. Taurean Himeros September 29, 2020 at 8:49 am

    Loved it dear, so immersive, that I got a Hard on down below


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