Shower Time, Aria has naughty fun with the shower head part one

I’m always horny. So working a job like this one really helps curb a vast majority of the cravings… but sometimes I still find myself itching for a release. The other day, I found that release with a little naughty shower time. Let me tell you all about it!

I always like to start out with a steaming hot shower. There’s nothing quite like hot water cascading down my back and loosening up all my tight muscles. So before I step in, I turn the nobs to just the right temperature. I like it hot, but not scalding. Just enough to steam up the bathroom and make me feel at ease.

I stand in the bathroom stark naked, with my hand under the stream of running water to gauge the temperature. I don’t want to step in until the water is perfect. But while I wait, the air blowing in from my bathroom window hits my exposed nipples and they pucker in response.

This is what starts to awaken my inner beast. Once the water is ready, I step into the tub and close the shower curtain. The water cascades over my body and instead of quenching my inner heat, it stokes the flames. I try my best to shake it off and enjoy the shower, so I grab my body wash and lather up my loofah.

It starts out innocent, I run the sudsy loofah over my shoulders and down my arms.

But next are my breasts… and my nipples are still rock hard from the slight breeze coming in from the window. I run the loofah over my breasts more than I need to, taking extra care to circle my nipples. Nice and slow, teasing myself when I should just be showering.

I begin to go lower with the loofah, letting it trail down my abdomen at a snails pace. Finally, I get to my sweet spot. I start slow, rubbing the soft soapy loofah between my legs and messaging my clit.

I lean back against the wall and spread my legs just a little more so I can go all the way down to my aching little whole. My body trembles with need and the slow ad steady approach fast goes out the window. I start rubbing faster and faster, feeling my clit harden and grow with my growing arousal.

The water droplets spilling over my hypersensitive skin drive me to desperation and I look up to the source. The shower head… I drop the loofah and reach up for the shower head, pulling it off it’s resting spot and flipping the switch to change it from rainfall to its jet setting.

I need to get off, and what’s better than a shower jet?

Enjoying my Shower Time blog? Come back Sunday to read how it ends. Or if you want to listen to my interactive shower audio where you can actually take a naughty shower with me, you can purchase it here!




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