The door opens. Obviously not! My sexy wax job was about to begin. “You’re ready for me. Good girl.”  The esthatician smiles at me. She looks at my breasts as she slowly stirs the hot wax. “It’s a shame a beautiful girl like you hides away in baggy clothes.” Why am I feeling butterflies in my groin again? “Arm up” she barks. The smile is gone from her face. I quickly bend my left arm and rest my forearm behind my head. She smears wax on my armpit. It feels lovely and warm. This is not so bad. She smoothes the material strip onto my underarm and with a deft movement she whips it off ripping the hairs out with it. “Arrrrgh” I hear myself yell out. The pain is red hot. As I squirm, she goes to apply another fabric strip on my stinging armpit. “Shut  up you little teenage slut!” she snaps at me “You told me you were going to be a good girl. Now fucking lie still and close your mouth.” “Sorry” I hear myself saying. I lie perfectly still.  she has told me not to wiggle.

She rips the strip off. The pain is red hot but I lie still, keeping my mouth closed and trying to ignore the tears welling in my eyes. One more rip and my left armpit is bald. “Good girl. Well done.” The esthetician smiles at me.

Mmmm it’s good to see that smile.

I lie perfectly still for her as she does my right armpit. As a result tears run down my cheeks. Despite the stinging, I hold signs of pain inside. “Well done Carly” the esthetician smiles. “You did well. Good girls get rewards. ”She gently and slowly massages cooling gel into my sore underarms.  This feels heavenly. I feel her breath come closer to my ear. “Beautiful breasts. You have beautiful breasts Lisa.” She brushes the edge of my left breast with the back of her hand.  It’s the briefest touch. As a result, a shot of electricity goes straight to my groin.  I feel warm and wet between my legs. “Did you like that?” The bossy lady asks gently. I nod. She circles around my left breast with her finger tracing a spiral up towards my nipple. Her touch is soft and tender and the pleasure is exquisite. When she reaches my nipple she tweaks it urgently between her thumb and finger making it come erect and alive. She squeezes hard. I can’t help myself – I cry out.

“Shhh naughty girl” she says gently.

“Get ready for your Bikini wax – I’ll be back in a few minutes”. She leaves the room. As a result I jump up and peel off my jeans and panties. What just happened? What the fuck just happened? I’m 18 I have a boyfriend who I have regular sex with, but is this 40-year-old esthetician is making me feel hotter than I’ve ever felt in my life. 

I lie back on the bed totally naked. Eventually I hug my knees into my chest like a baby. Did that crazy lady just touch my breasts? Yes! Did I love it? Yes! Most importantanly, I want more. Yes? Oh Fuck!!!!

I hope you liked this blog, there will definitely be a Volume 2! Until then, you can read my other blogs here. And you can also listen to me read my sexy blogs here.

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