The door opens, she is back!

“Are you ready for me?” she barks. Her face is hard. “I think so.” I mutter. “You think so? What kind of answer is that? Do you want to get a beautiful bald pussy or not?” “Yes.” I whisper “I’m ready.” I think to myself, lets get this sexy wax job going. “Drop your knees out sideways then. Now!” I do as she asks and spread my legs. She stares at my pussy with distain. “Hairy pussys are very ugly. Let’s get you fixed up and beautiful.” She starts to spread the warm wax onto me with the spatula. It feels moist, gooey and warm. I lay my head back and watch. She takes her time to coat all the hairs. And then slowly and deliberately she smooths the first material strip down the side of my pussy close to my inner thigh. She holds the skin just above the strip firmly in her left hand, takes the fabric strip in her right hand and pauses. She stares at me. Tension mounts inside me.

Just fucking get on with it will you?

She stares at me for a few more moments then keeping full eye contact she rips the strip off. Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!” The pain is incredible. It totally overwhelms all my senses. My pussy is on fire. I cry out and squirm bringing my legs together. Beautician bitch leans over so her face is just a few inches from mine. She eyeballs me and speaks slowly in a hiss. “Spread…  your…  legs…  you…  useless…  little…  slut…”I gulp and drop my knees. “Don’t make me tell you again!” she snaps. I whimper quietly with each agonizing rip but I lie still. The pain is excruciating. I feel like it’s never, ever going to end.  I want to die. Just when I feel I can’t take any more it’s over. “You’re done” she whispers, “Good girl!” She casually strokes my sore red pussy.

“I think because you’ve been such a good girl, you deserve a sexy wax job every visit.”

She shakes her gel bottle and then squirts some onto her hand. Gently and lovingly she massages gel into my pussy. It feels fantastic. “You have a very beautiful pussy now we’ve got rid of all of that ugly hair.” My groin churns and I feel wetness again between my legs. As her fingers stroked down past my clit she looks at me with her intense green eyes. Slowly, agonizingly slowly she brushes over my clitoris time and time again feeling. I hear myself moan gently as she uncovers my bud and intensifies the massage. My breath deepens as she strokes me expertly. “Ever been pleasured by a woman before?”  she asks. I shake my head unable to speak. I have never felt anything like this before. As a result, I could die a happy girl!

If you are enjoying my first waxing experience so far, come back Wednesday for part 2! And if you can’t wait that long, you can hear my sexy blog in an audio here!

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