“I think because you’ve been such a good girl during your sexy wax job, you deserve a little treat.”

She shakes her gel bottle and then squirts some onto her hand. Gently and lovingly she massages gel into my pussy. It feels fantastic.

“You have a very beautiful pussy now. My sexy wax job has gotten rid of all of that ugly hair.”

My groin churns and I feel wetness again between my legs.

As her fingers stroked down past my clit she looks at me with her intense green eyes.

Slowly, agonizingly slowly she brushes over my clitoris time and time again feeling. I hear myself moan gently as she uncovers my bud and intensifies the massage. My breath deepens as she strokes me expertly.

“Ever been pleasured by a woman before?” she asks.

I shake my head unable to speak.

“A woman’s touch is the best” she says “Women know what women want. And I know what you want now.”

Holy Fuck I feel incredible. I feel my breath shallow in my throat. Please give me more!

Slowly and deliberately she walks over to the stool on the other side of the room and sits down facing me.

She sits down tucks her hair behind her ears. She stares me in the face, licks her red lips and slowly wheels the chair towards me. Then once she’s right between my legs she lowers her face until her lips are just a few centimeters from my aching pussy. I can feel her warm breath.

She breathes slowly in and out teasing me.

I can’t stand it please please!…. Ahhh!

The first touch is complete heaven. She starts with gentle soft kisses on my inner thighs, then all around my red, sore pussy skirting around my clit teasing me making me wait.

Waves of pleasure wash over my body. I hear myself moan softly.

She gently kisses my clit and then opens up my bud with her tongue and starts with little snake-like flicks.

I can’t hold on any more. I let go. My orgasm crashes over me like a tidal wave, like nothing I had ever felt before. She keeps flicking my clit gently as the waves subside – all the while staring up at me with her green eyes.

Then with one swift movement she’s standing bent over with two fingers deep inside me moving fast and hard. The feeling is so incredibly intense I cry out and try to bring my knees together.

“Spread your legs and shut up you little slut!”

I clamp my hand over my mouth and force myself to open my legs.

I can’t take it I can’t take it.

The intensity is incredible I want to cry out then suddenly I relax and crash through another earth shattering orgasm which leaves me jelly like and shuddering on the bed.

“Good girl. Well done.” Beautician bitch smiles at me.

She walks over to the cupboard in the corner of the room and slowly opens the door.  There must be 20 dildos lined up on the shelf. She turns to look at me.

“Next time” she smiles. “Only if you’re my good girl.”

“I’ll be very good” I hear myself say. And I will! 

I hope you loved this sexy wax job blog. You can find all of my other naughty stories here!

All of the audios from all of my blogs read in my own sexy voice can be found right here!



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