Sexy Wax Job – Carly’s First Experience

She is around 40 I guess and immaculately groomed. She has a meticulously made up face with perfect red lipstick to match her nail polish.  A severe black bob frames her angular features, therefore, her green eyes stand out.  Her crisply ironed, white beautician’s uniform shows off her slender frame.  She’s the utmost professional. On the other had, my 18 year old body is hidden in track pants and a baggy sweat-top. My hair is scraped back into a ponytail and my face is totally bare of make up. Holy crap I feel inadequate! “Carly?” the esthetician asks me, her green eyes piercing into me. “Yes” I stammer, heat rising in my face. Why am I blushing? This woman is making me feel seriously uncomfortable.

“Is this your first waxing?”

I nod yes. My mouth is dry, moreover, I’m not sure my voice will work. “And you’re having underarms and bikini wax today?” I swallow painfully, nod again and look at my feet. “So that’s all your pubic hair removed?”

I force myself to look up at her. She’s staring at me with raised eyebrows. The silence makes my mouth dry. She tells me to relax and enjoy my sexy wax job.

“My boyfriend wants to see what I look like bald.” I blurt out.

Why did I tell her that? “Well a bald pussy is much cleaner and more acceptable for oral sex. Therefore, more orgasms for you.” Did she just say what I thought she said? Her red lips are still moving. My cheeks are on fire. “But in my experience young girls like you can’t cope with the pain of waxing.  I don’t have time for wimpy teenagers because I am extremely busy. No time for wriggling around and complaining.  I need you to lie still and co-operate with me.” Therapist woman’s green eyes pierce my soul. And for some reason I don’t understand I feel butterflies in my groin. “I’ll be brave,” I hear myself saying, “I promise.” Good girl, come with me. Her room is warm and smells of expensive perfume. “Take your top off ready for your underarms and lie on the bed – I’ll be back in a minute.” I take my sweat top off. I’m not wearing a bra.

I lay down and look at myself in the mirror.

If I say it myself my pert, naked teenage breasts look hot. I can’t resist running my hands over my beautiful breasts, stroking and fondling them as I watch in the mirror.  My nipples are soon hard and erect from my touch.  As a result, they are just the way my boyfriend Tim likes them. I close my eyes and for a moment, instead of seeing Tim’s mouth around my nipples as I normally would, the green eyes and red lips of the Esthetician fill my brain. The door clicks, causing me to jump.

I hope you like part one of my sexy wax job story come back Wednesday and read part 2 here. 

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