Sexy Stepmom Playtime is the Best Wedding Present

My wedding day was fast approaching and I still hadn’t met my soon-to-be stepson. My boyfriend kept telling me that his son was the family’s black sheep. From what I’d heard from his sister, he wasn’t too happy about me marrying his dad. Before I knew it, it was the day before the wedding. I told my fiancee I needed a night to myself, so I checked into a hotel. As I sat at a table at the hotel bar, I couldn’t help noticing the hot guy sitting at the bar. I had one more night of freedom. I couldn’t help thinking that I’d very soon be a stepmom for the first time in my life. Maybe sexy stepmom playtime would be just what I needed to relax.

A naughty smile crossed my lips when the waitress told me my hot admirer wanted to buy me a drink. When I lifted my glass in appreciation, the hot bar guy walked over to my table. As I motioned for him to sit down, I could feel my pussy getting wet. Of course, I got even wetter when the hot bar guy sat on my side of the booth. I couldn’t help a little gasp as he put his hand on my knee.

Sexy Stepmom Playtime is Just What You Need

As the hot bar guy and I got to know each other, his fingers began to explore. Soon, we were kissing. Then, as hot bar guy’s tongue fucked my mouth, his hand slid under my dress. My pussy juice soaked his fingers as he worked my clit. My moan of pleasure was muffled by his mouth when he made me cum the first time. Hot bar guy was definitely getting me ready for sexy stepmom playtime¬† as he pulled me into the bathroom.

I eagerly complied when I was ordered to get on my knees. Soon, my fingers were sliding into my juicy cunt as hot bar guy face-fucked me. With his cum still in my mouth, we tongue-kissed as we said our goodbyes.

Let’s Get Extra Naughty Together

I couldn’t help a naughty smile from my lips as I let myself into my room. Sexy stepmom playtime practice with a hot bar guy was just what I needed to relax before the wedding.

Are You Ready for Your Next Best Call?

My fiancee called me just as I was about to slide my wedding dress on. “Honey, I know you don’t want me to see you before the wedding,” his slightly teasing voice stated. I groaned as he told me that his son was on his way to introduce himself before the wedding. Before I could slip into my robe, I heard a knock at the door. Sexy stepmom playtime took on a whole new meaning as I opened the door.

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