Sexy Stepmom Playtime is the Best Surprise

I found myself shaking with arousal as I realized my soon-to-be stepson was also the hot bar guy from the previous night. Before I knew how it happened, he had his step-mommy bent over the edge of the bed. Sexy stepmom play got even hotter as I found myself lying on my wedding dress. Wearing only a matching white bustier, garter belt, and thigh-high white stockings, I smiled back at my new step son. Of course, sexy stepmom playtime is even hotter when I think about the creampie I’ll have for my new husband.

Sexy stepmom playtime got really hot as Step-Mommy screamed in pain and pleasure. Nine inches of hot cock slammed into my now soaking-wet pussy. And, then as my new son demanded, “Cum for me, Step-Mommy.” That was the edge that pushed both of us into screams of mutual orgasms.

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I couldn’t help a naughty smile from my lips as I felt cum dripping down my thighs as I exchanged my vows with my new husband. Sexy stepmom playtime was definitely the best way to start my new life. Of course, when I looked past my husband and caught my new stepson’s eyes my face flushed with the memory of our time together.

¬†Suddenly, it was time to kiss the groom. Of course, as I felt his tongue slide into my mouth I couldn’t help comparing his kiss with his son’s. Later on when everyone got on line to congratulate us I again felt how wet I was with my new stepson’s cum dripping down my thighs. And, then there he was again. My new stepson was leaning forward to hug his new mommy. My hot pussy began to pulse when he whispered in my ear, “Meet me in the back of the church”. I guess it was time for more sexy stepmom playtime.

Let’s Get Hot and Sexy with Step Family Play

As I told my husband I meet him in the car because I needed to run to the bathroom I felt extra naughty. And, then as I stepped behind the altar I felt arms wrap around my waist from behind. As my baby pushed me down my legs began to shake. And, then before I knew how it happened my dress was pushed up and my panties pulled down.

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I had to bite my lip to hold back the scream as my pussy was filled with a my stepson’s big cock. Sexy stepmom playtime felt even naughtier now that I was officially married to his dad. His voice rippled through my body as he pulled my hair back. “I can’t wait to make mommy my new whore for all my friends”. And, then as just as my gasp of filled as I felt his hot cum fill me up I heard my husband calling my name.

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