Sexy Secretary, Lexi seduces her boss part two

I know I’m a real slut but I love it. At this point in our flirting and professional relationship, I was massaging his back while he worked, I’d make jokes that he was my work boyfriend, I’d say that we were practically married with how much time we spent with each other. Score one for the sexy secretary.

I’d lean over him with my most feminine perfume sprayed all over my neck, with my busty chest pressed against him, I would rest my hand on his leg every chance I would get and he would never push my hand away.

Then, one day, we were walking down the tight hallway together and I playfully grabbed his hand.

He didn’t stop us from holding hands.

He wanted to show me off as his, he wanted to feel my body, he wanted to know I wanted him. I jokingly asked if his wife would ever share him with another girl, he said no, I simply replied with “shame”.

He asked why I said that.

“I just find you hot”, I said smiling up at him.

3, 2, 1.

He was mine, just like that.

Like a puppy dog, he would have done anything I asked.

He pulled me into his office, locking the door behind me and we instantly started making out, I pulled down my panties, no foreplay, we could do that next time, I just wanted to feel him inside of me.

I don’t know what was more fun, fucking his big cock or knowing I finally broke him, probably both.


He would feel really sad if I just used him. I like my job and frankly him too much to do that.

So, after he came and the guilt hit him, I comforted him, told him how good it was, told him he was officially my work boyfriend that I would never tell his wife, the usual.

I just wanted him to want me more than just as a fun fuck. It’s not just about the first fuck, you have to take this care for the first few.


After our first fuck it all began. Personal numbers were exchanged, we began texting after work, I gave him a few nudes and asked him to masturbate to them whenever he felt unsatisfied at home. I had him in the palm of my hand!

Don’t worry, I still worked really hard. I made sure I did my job expertly. I just also made sure that I did him really well too.

We booked sneaky hotels, had secret weekends away and I let him fuck me in my ass (anal was a first for him), he would have left his wife for me that very night.

I let him tie me up, fuck my tight pussy and I would beg for him to cum inside of me.

I’d fuck myself with dildos while he’d watch, I’d use jeweled butt plugs (so pretty!) under my dresses and flash him, it’s that easy, that’s all it takes to make a man drop to his knees and give you everything.

I would wear the sluttiest things to work under my work clothes, the way he fucked me was pornographic quality. Don’t worry though, it was only a few weeks of this and he broke things off with his wife and he told her everything. I guess he didn’t tell her in detail about the sex that we had though.

It’s not just men who crumble, women are just as susceptible to a hard-to-get guy and they will be just as much of a fuck toy to a random man as my boss was to me.


I did it.

He is all mine now.

I know what you will be thinking, what happens if he does the same to me with another woman?

Most guys would fold a lot quicker than he did and his ex-wife is nothing compared to me, I’m not talking looks, I make sure my man is looked after, I make sure his balls are drained, he has someone to talk to and I’m always open to the new things we want to try.

It’s not about stealing men from their girlfriends or wives, it’s about having the men I want, I can’t help it that most of the best men are already taken.

I probably should mention that they never had kids, it also came out that she was seeing someone else behind his back so I guess all things happen for a reason!

Hope you enjoyed my sexy secretary blog! Check out the audio I made to accompany it… 877-482-0664

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