Sexy Secretary, Lexi seduces her boss part one

I knew when my boss hired me that I would one day fuck him, It’s not that I’m confident, or super hot, it’s that I could see the lack of sex in his eyes, I see it in a lot of married men and when I see this a little spark goes off inside of me as I know I can get them with just a click of my fingers if I want too. I was the sexy secretary for the job.

It’s the look of a guy who just wants an easy life, he wants to work, get complimented, and have his cock sucked, maybe have a chance of trying something even half naughty in the bedroom. These guys always have the same expression, the furrowed brow, and the glint of excitement when you mention anything even remotely sexual or flirty their way.

With these kinds of men you usually only have to bat your eyelashes, maybe wear a lowcut top, at most wear a skimpy skirt and they are like putty in your hands.


He is my type on paper and ticked all of the boxes, married and my boss or not.

But, my usual teasing didn’t work straight away on him. He kept things professional, this just made me want him more, I know it’s wrong, but girls like me do exist and you should probably learn to say no and not let us bend you around our little fingers.

Despite him taking more time than they usually do, I still knew he would bend. I wore shorter skirts, I laughed at all of his jokes, I complimented his body, asked him for help, and love advice and I did my job as a secretary well.

I told him all about my boyfriend and how he treats me, even though I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time.

It was all a test, I saw a flicker in his eye whenever we were close and I knew he cared and I knew he was under my spell.

From that point on I didn’t have to tell him that he could fuck me in the ass (this usually works like a treat) or tell him about my high sex drive that hasn’t been satisfied, or any of the classic lines I usually used, I could just talk about the new guy I was seeing and see him get insanely jealous, make him want to be that guy and play on his feelings and fantasies.


I really like my job, so I didn’t want to ruin it by making a sudden move. So I played the long game and made him want me more and more each day.

One day I decided my bra was uncomfortable. So I took it off under my blouse right in front of him, then apologized as my nipples peeked through my almost see-through white blouse.

I saw him staring at my chest and snapping him out of his trance asked him to come and check something in the back, I just wanted to see if he got hard. I guess he did because he kept stalling and wouldn’t stand up from his desk.

We got closer every day we spent working together until finally, he was opening up telling me everything about his home life. I would ask him for dating advice to use for my new boyfriend, I would ask him bedroom questions, telling him I was a freak without actually telling him and asking him if he thought my new boyfriend would like it if I sucked his dick in a certain way.

I’ll be real, he was harder than most of the men that I have seduced, I think he’s had women throw themselves at him for his whole life, so he was good at playing me off and having the willpower to say no to me.


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