Sexy Maid and Your Bad Day – Sophia Gets Punished – Part 2

Welcome to PART 2 of my sexy maid blog! If you haven’t yet, read PART 1 here!

Your footsteps stop. You’re heavily breathing, so I match my breath to yours. I wiggle my ass a little bit, out of anticipation. I must look like the silliest sexy maid. My eyes close, and all of a sudden, out of the nothingness, the sound of your belt hitting my ass rings out. The pain comes quickly after. I cry out, but I know nothing is going to stop you now. You hit my ass over and over, pausing at times to caress my sore cheeks. 

The pain is all encompassing; my brain knows nothing else but the hurt you’re inflicting on me. The funny thing about all this is: I love it. I begin to arch my back as you hit, almost pushing myself back against the belt, causing more damage to my perfect little ass. My screeches begin to turn into moans, and the pain turns into pleasure. 

You take notice of this, and as you pause to caress my ass, you whisper “What a good little pain slut.” Your caress slowly moves towards my pussy, where you find I’m dripping through my panties. “Oh? Is my little kitten really THAT turned on by me beating your ass?”

“Mmmmhm” I mumble, too enraptured by the pain to use my words. I hear your pants drop to the floor. My eyes shoot open and as I try to turn my head around to see what’s happening, you push my head into the couch.

“Let’s see if the pain slut is also a little cock slut”

You pull my panties down to around my knees. I gasp as I feel your warm member touch my pink pussy. You slowly push inside me, and I can’t help but let out a little moan. Without warning, you thrust the rest of your hard cock into my tight hole. I scream out, the pain and pleasure taking over. You begin to fuck me relentlessly. Your grunts and groans are filled with hunger. They sound like music to my ears, along with the beat of your balls hitting my clit. I moan and cry out and scream, but nothing is stopping you.

Finally, I can’t take it any longer. I begin to squirt all over your wonderful cock. You slow down, allowing me time to breathe. You slide your dick out of my pussy, and I think it’s over. I think it’s over, that is, until I feel your head press against my tight little rose bud. I panic, as we’ve never done anal before. But you don’t care. Your cock, still wet from my cum, slides easily into my ass. I cover my mouth with my hand, catching a moan. You grind your cock into my asshole, slowly making love to it. You speed up as I start to relax around you. Our moans in sync, I enter euphoria. I’ve never felt anything quite like this. 

A chorus of moans rings throughout the house, which had stood silent not even 30 minutes ago. I feel you getting close, and as I slam my ass back against you, you fill my hole with your sperm. Your groans grow quiet, and then you let out a soft chuckle.

“Well that certainly turned around my bad day.” I smile, knowing my job as a sexy maid is done.


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