Sex Travel: Travel Back in Time For The Freedom of Sex! Part 1

I heard of this new coffee house called back in time coffee.

Why don’t we meet there tomorrow and we can catch up.  I was talking to my old co-worker that I have not seen since I moved out of state. I am really looking forward to catching up with her, we always hit it off really well and were a little more than
co-workers. We enjoyed a little sexual encounter every once in a while also.
Arrived about ten minutes early, I went into the coffee house to find a table by the window so
I could watch for Linda to arrive. I recognized her immediately, the tall redhead with legs that went
on forever. She was still a knock out even after 5 years. You have not changed a bit, as I stood
to give her a hug! Neither have you, I think you might have even gotten better looking.
We sat down and started catching up and fell right into it as we had never been apart. The
the waitress approached and eyed us up and asked if we had ever been there before.

No, we haven’t.

Well, she said we are, Back in Time/ Sex Travel Coffee House, so be careful what you order, because it
could change your life! With that, she left. Linda and I just looked at each other and then just
giggled a little and started talking again. The waitress came back and we both ordered a black
coffee and croissant. She smiled and left to get our order.
As we reminisce about our lives 15 years ago. As we were discussing how we missed
the freedom from the ’80s, the parties, the sexual freedom, and the open lifestyles. At this point,
the waitress came back with our order and after placing it on the table in front of us, she looked
at us and asked, if you had the option to go back in time, any year, what year would you
We both looked at each other and at the exact same time, we said 1983! The waitress
just smiled and left. That was weird I said to Linda, but we just shrugged it off and went back to our reminiscing.

The next day I woke up and went to take a shower.

As I was drying off I looked in the mirror and I almost had a heart attack. “What The Fuck!” I was staring at a reflection of myself from
15 to 20 years ago! Did I just experience Sex Travel back in time?
I went in and quickly dialed a number by heart, on what I am guessing was
an old rotary phone. I was looking around, and everything had changed, went back in
time….Hello Linda, Yeah, this is Linda, hey Trish, what’s shaking!  It was the old Linda from years ago, I slowly hung up the phone, trying to digest what had happened while I slept. It was at that moment I saw a slip of paper lying on the floor by my door.

You are back in 1983, just as you wish.

Enjoy it, it will only last for one week, then you will be returned to the present day. It was on stationery from Back In Time Coffee House. One week, Time, Sex Travel, What The Fuck! I am going to take full advantage of this! I opened my closet, only to find a whole new wardrobe of clothes. This is awesome because I dressed in some hot pants and a halter top and platform sandals. After I did my hair and makeup, I headed out to see if I was living a dream or a nightmare.

I went to Linda’s house and found her lounging in just a bikini. Hey Baby, want a hit, she handed me a joint! Premium stuff, I might add. Linda always had the best. I had to act as normal as possible so I didn’t look like I was crazy. I took a hit, and then Linda came over and started kissing me!

Hey Baby, what’s wrong. Loosen up, I want to play. It was all coming back to me. The open sex, playing, parties! God, I am going to make the most of this next week! I think I am going to like this time /sex travel stuff! Linda had my top off and was massaging my breasts and squeezing my nipples until they stood erect. I wish I had tits like yours! She was always jealous of my tits, but I liked hers, nice and round and perky! Maybe not as big as mine, but hey, you know the old saying, more than a mouthful is just wasted anyway!

We got busy then fingering each other, playing with our tits and eating pussy!

God, she tasted good, she always did! I love to grab her ass and squeeze as I lick and suck on her clit. She always screams when she is ready to cum, and she didn’t disappoint. Linda was running her manicured nails up and down my back, just the way I like it and I started to quiver, I had goosebumps all over my skin and she knew that it was time to finish me off. She began to lick my pussy and probe into my silky depths with her long fingers, Oh Linda!! She knew all the right places to touch!

Oh my God, I started building and building and then the explosion. I can’t remember the last time I came so hard that I gave myself a headache! Wow! We laid in each other’s arms with the fresh taste of pussy all over us. I looked over at Linda and said, God how I have missed you? What are you talking about? This is a carbon copy of what we just did yesterday! Oh, oh yeah, um well I was dreaming about you all night!

Cool, let’s get ready to go. You didn’t forget about the house party over at Dean’s, did you? Oh, oh, no, Of course not! Well come on then I will help you do your hair! Wow, I just about blew that one! House party at Dean’s. This will be fantastic, I remember that party and it is one that went down in history! Now I have the chance to relive it!

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