Sex Travel: Back in time for the freedom of Sex Part 2

Sex travel is my new obsession because it’s so incredibly hot. Keep reading to learn more about my naughty journey.

After we showered we started the job of getting the biggest hair possible and getting our makeup just right! We teased, and moosed and sprayed and gelled. Finally, we were satisfied with our hair and makeup and then came the 80’s clothes.

Micro mini skirts,

that had slits at the sides with big wide hip belts that just about covered the whole skirt.
Then we wore, what is best described as gogo boots with block heels. Our tops were nonexistent,
see-thru scraps of material that were just kind of draped over our shoulders and fell across our breasts.
We topped off our outfits with big gold hoop earrings and lots of gold chains and bangle bracelets!

We were dressed to the hilt and ready to party.

Jumping into Linda’s beat-up old car for the trip across town. The party was already in full
swing when we got there. People were inside, outside, around the pool in the pool and there
was barbecuing going on.  Lots of fucking going on. As we were looking for our host Linda spied a group of people
smoking a joint, she smiled at me and said, Don’t wait up, and disappeared.
It was at that moment someone came up behind me wrapped his arms around me and grabbed
a handful of my tits in each hand! I jumped and was ready to scream when I remembered that is how Dean,
our host, always greeted me. I turned around and gave him a big wet kiss, with tongue I might
add. Hey Baby, how are you, ready to party!
You bet I am, I replied.

A couple of hours later the party was still going strong.

I was out at the pool lounging with a drink when Linda, came over and said she wanted to fuck
me and put on a show! I was all for it, I knew we would be able to give these guys something
to talk about for years to come.
We both stood up and started undressing each other in between kisses, we were down to just
our boots and gold chains when we realized we had attracted quite an audience. Linda pushed
me down onto the lounge chair and put my legs up over here shoulders and started kissing my
inner thighs and working her way up.

Throwing my head back, I closed my eyes and left the sensations overcome me.

Linda spread my soft velvet lips of my pussy apart and started to lick first one side
then the other. She then made her way to my clit and started to suck and lick and tease it with
her tongue and fingers. Before I knew what was happening we had several guys and several
women joining in.
It was a full-fledged orgy because there were naked bodies everywhere, partners switched, men on
men women on women and men on women! It was fantastic! What a great journey!  Everyone was having a great
time and no one was being uptight! That is what I loved about the 80”s!
At one point I was lying on a bed, surrounded by men and women and they were all rubbing me
with scented oil and massaging every part of my body. It took no coaxing at all to have me
spread my legs so that multiple people could taste my sweet juices inside.

Then I felt her, I knew it had to be Linda.

She was the only one who knew how to touch me and make me cum within seconds!
This time it was me screaming as I came like a tidal wave! There was no holding it back!
The feelings and sensations boiled up inside of me and just started coursing
through my body!
I think after years of living in the uptight world of today and then having a
chance to go back into the carefree living and sex of the ’80s had built up and now it was being released.

After all the tremors had ceased and I was lying there totally spent,

Linda, who was lying beside me running her nails up and down my arm, said, Baby, I have something to tell you.
Propping myself up on my elbow I looked at her and asked her what was wrong.
I don’t want you to think that I am crazy or anything, but…..
I knew what she was going to say, so I finished it for her, Yesterday we were sitting in a coffee
shop, Yes! I thought I was crazy, or dreaming or something!
I know I thought the same thing. Do you think it had anything to do with that crazy coffee house
we were in? I don’t know, but I sure am going to take advantage of this week, how about you!
You bet!
With that, we both stood up and walked over to the grill and helped ourselves to some burgers.
There is nothing like the feeling you get walking around nude knowing that everyone is staring
at you! As we ate our burgers we made plans for the next week, the parties, the sex, the
shopping, the sex, you get the picture.

After a week of partying and great sex, we came down to our last night.

Not sure what was going to happen, we invited a bunch of our regular friends over and had a great bash of a party.
Clothes were optional and sex was mandatory because everyone fucked everyone else! It was a great
big orgy and so much fun that I never wanted it to end. I sucked cock, had my pussy eaten,
fingered, fucked, vibrators used on it and I even had a double penetration! WOW, that was a
first and let me tell you it won’t be the last!
It was about 3 am when people started to drift out to go home. Linda and I were lying in a bed,
just kind of spooning each other, just about asleep, when the strangest feeling came over me! I
sat straight up shook my head and realized I was back in my old apartment! DAMM it was over.
I was back in the present day. I laid back down and fell asleep. The next day I got up,
showered, dressed and called Linda. She answered on the second ring, Let’s meet at the
coffee shop!

Thirty minutes later we were standing in front of where the coffee shop used to be

It was now a library! That’s right a library! Did we dream this whole thing, What the fuck is going on here! I
looked at Linda who shrugged and said, No we didn’t dream it, check out these hickies I got last
night, this is not a dream! Plus, I am so sore I can hardly walk!
We went into the library, hopeful, but found nothing. Well, I guess we can consider ourselves
lucky, not everyone gets an opportunity to go back in time even if it was only for a week. We were addicted to sex travel.
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