First time I used sex toys.

I can’t lie to you, I was pretty young when I first started playing with myself. That’s a whole other story for another time though! This story is about the first time I had ever used sex toys on myself. I was still pretty young but I knew exactly where my mom hid her toys and dirty things. I was so curious and had no idea what the hell could be so fun about these sex toys. 

Before that, I was already playing with myself, using my fingers to rub on my sensitive virgin clit and just barely sticking my fingers inside of myself. I wouldn’t go deep enough to pop my own cherry but I would get close to it, although I was curious about using toys. Anyway, I was at school and it was my last class of the day. It was almost the end of the school year so the temperature was pretty hot at the time, so naturally, I was wearing a pair of shorts. I wore a pair of jean shorts and a blue tanktop tucked in with a black flannel with the sleeves rolled up. 

My last class of the day was science.

 I didn’t think my teacher was really into me, I never got that impression although I was young, how do you notice those things at such a young age? I think I was maybe about eleven or twelve, I was just at the age where I wasn’t really into playing pretend anymore but sex was a big curiosity of mine. What I do remember is, that was my favorite class. My teacher didn’t seem to care whether the class learned anything or not, he was so much fun and he gave us the answers to tests and quizzes and we were always doing little experiments that we weren’t allowed to talk about.

 For example, he lined up desks in the front of the room. Next, he poured germ-x all on the top in a thick line. Then, he lit it on fire and the desks went WHOOSH and in seconds the desks were on fire. Everyone was amazed but we weren’t allowed to tell anyone because that clearly broke some safety rules in our school. Everyone got a little toy prize that day for keeping his secrets.

Anyway, one day during the test he sat right next to me and his hand landed right on my thigh. He whispered the answer to the question I was struggling with and his grip on my thigh got a little tighter. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

Nothing happened between him and I. However, feeling his hand on me made me feel tingly and wet right in between my thighs. My mind immediately thought about my mom’s toys. The bell rang and it was time to go home so I turned in my test and grabbed my things. I quickly made my way to the bus stop and impatiently rode back home.

My mom wasn’t there because she was still at work. She wouldn’t be coming back home for another two hours so I took advantage of that time.

Part one

Find out what happens next week! Or if you’re just itching to know what happens next, you can always check out my audio! You might even be interested in hearing about my First Time Having Lesbian Sex

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