Before I knew it, the door opened and my older brother was standing in the doorway.

I had no idea how to react and his jaw dropped. My step brother walked in on me using sex toys, this was unbelievable! We were both surprised and had no clue what to do next!

Mom was about to be home in less than an hour and my step brother had just caught me with her sex toys! He walked all the way in closing the door behind him and then he just looked at me and the box of toys and smiled. 

“You can NOT speak a word of this to mom! This is so embarrassing! Get out!!” I yelled.

He shook his head no and just laughed. 

“I have to tell her this, this is just too good!” He laughed some more.

I begged him not to say anything about the toys and then suddenly I saw a look in his eye that meant he had just gotten an idea. 

“Fine. I won’t say anything but only if you do me a favor.”

“Anything! What do you want?” I looked at him worried about what he was going to say. Nervous but still in shock that he caught me using her toys.

“I want you to make me cum.” He smiled.

You’ve got to be kidding me, I thought to myself. I couldn’t do that! He’s my step brother, why would he say something like that? He had to be kidding! 

He walked over to the bed and pulled his pants and boxers down to the floor and laid next to me.

Oh god. He wasn’t kidding

He was already so hard and I can’t lie, he had a really nice big thick dick. I almost couldn’t even be upset at him for walking in on me using my moms toys. I put my hand on it and started stroking.

“Spit on it first!” He yelled. I apologized and spit on it and kept stroking him. He leaned his head back just enjoying the feeling of my hands on his thick hard slippery cock. The more I stroked the harder he got. Finally, he lifted his head up again and grabbed me by my hair. 

“Now you’re gonna suck it on it until I cum and if you don’t swallow my load, I’m going to tell mom about how you were using her sex toys.” Then, he forced my mouth onto his cock and I started sucking. 

I had my lips wrapped nice and tight around his dick as I pumped it in and out of my throat. I couldn’t have him tell mom about about the toys! This was my first time playing with moms toys and tasting a dick! He would push my head down farther and farther onto his cock while I was gagging and choking, it didn’t matter though, I was starting to really like the feeling of choking on a cock. Then, finally, his cock pulsed in my throat and he burst a nice big load into my mouth, I swallowed like I was told to and felt it drip down my throat. Cum tastes so good! 

Part three

If you enjoyed reading about my first time using sex toys, you might enjoy reading my College Professor Gets A Taste Of Taylor! Or, maybe you’d like to hear this story again but in my own voice while I use the same vibrating toy I got caught with! Check out my audio and stay tuned for Saturdays blog!


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