Playing with my moms sex toys. 

My mom wasn’t going to be home for another two hours, so of course I took advantage of that time to myself. I went straight to her room with a step stool and went to the closet, I wasn’t tall enough to reach the top shelf so I needed some help. I reached my little arms until finally, I could feel the box of toys. Finally, I pulled down the pink sparkly box and sat on her bed. As I opened the latch and moved the top up, I could see so many different things. I wasn’t sure what to do with most of it! 

My first reaction was to close my eyes and grab something, so I did. My hand grabbed the vibrator and I reached in again and ended up grabbing some nipple clamps. As I pinched my sweet little nipples into the clamps, I let out a gasp. I wasn’t ready for the pinch to be so sharp, it hurt but in a really good way. Next, I laid down on my moms bed and slid my shorts off along with my panties. When I turned the vibrating toy on, I immediately got wet without even having to touch myself with it. The power of the vibration on my hands was already so powerful, I knew how amazing it would feel on my little virgin clit.

Getting ready for some fun with moms toys.

As I got comfortable on the bed and spread my legs, I gently pressed the vibrator onto myself. I let out some soft moans and my legs began to shake. I was so wet and my clit was so sensitive I could hardly handle the power of the vibrating sex toy but I kept going anyway. My virgin pussy was loving my mom’s vibrator, I could feel my muscles tightening, I was so close to cumming! Finally, followed by a loud moan, I felt myself have the best orgasm of my life. 

I reached down and felt my wet pussy. I came so hard I left a little mess on my moms bed! When I brought my fingers back up, they were glistening in my cum, dripping wet! I had such a wild curiosity and stuck my fingers in my mouth, I needed to know what I tasted like. I had seen it happen before in porn videos I had watched before. To my surprise, I tasted soo good, good enough to go back for another taste! I loved using my moms toys!

Before I knew it, the door opened and my step brother was standing in the doorway. I had no idea how to react and his jaw dropped. We were both surprised and had no clue what to do next!

Part 2 

If you enjoyed the story so far, check out my audio and listen to me use the same vibrator I was talking about in the story! Find out about what happens next with me and my step brother! Or, maybe you’d like to check out my First Time Having Lesbian Sex

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