Have you ever wondered what happens in the sex life of college girls? How, those late nights go when the girls are all locked up together in their houses. With nothing to do but each other? You couldn’t even begin to imagine the naughty things that happen. 

I will tell you one of my favorite stories of all time. You see, my best friend Amanda and I were rooming together.  Our Sorority would host these massive parties every once in a while. Finally we got to have boys over to enjoy all to ourselves. 

So, this one night. Amanda and I got the bright idea to hide one of the boys we knew had a crush on us in our closet. So he could be there after hours. We ended up sneaking him in, and giving him some snacks and stuff to tide him over until we were able to finally let him out. You could tell by the expression on his face how excited and nervous he was to be there after hours with us. 

It was cute though, he was whispering and trying to be quiet. So he didn’t wake the other College Girls! LOL  

Meanwhile he had absolutely no idea what was in store for him. I love being around a beta male, where you can practically hear their heart beating out of their chest. Especially when they are around beautiful women who they feel are out of their league. 

So this little beta male stood there, and we had him fully convinced that we were going to allow him to actually fuck us. Little did he know we had something totally different in store for him. I just love the way he was acting. All excited like a little school boy. 

Totally oblivious to the fact we were about to fuck up his whole world. Here he thought he was about to score with the hottest college girls on campus… When in reality he was about to be transformed into one of the hottest Sissy Sluts on campus! 

Could you imagine the look on his face when we pulled the cheerleading uniform out of the drawer and asked him to put it on. He was in total shock. His jaw dropped and the color drained from his face. 

I loved it more than anything! He was about to find out how College Girls really like to party. 

So we ushered him into the corner in front of the standing mirror, where he was able to finally get dressed as we asked him. He looked so cute after he had finally put everything on and got it all in a situation with his little clit tucked neatly away where no one could even see it. 

You see what we neglected to inform him was this was a little ritual that all of us in the sorority liked to play. We all took advantage of some weak little beta and transformed him into a Sissy. And then had a little night of events if you would.

So, If you dare. 



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