Sex in Public, Finding a Great Fuck in The Grocery Store, Part 2

OMG did he ever feel great! 

It was all I could do to keep from screaming out!  We were both ready to cum almost instantly.  The tingling started deep down in my core and then started to spread all the way out to my fingers and toes.  My body was shaking and my pussy was milking his hard cock for all it was worth.  Yes it happened right then and there right in front of the bathrooms at the supermarket.

Afterwords I ducked into the bathroom to clean up a little and he did the same.  As a result, I came out and I was clean and composed although still horny.  The stud that just fucked me was gone.  What a shame.  I would have liked to go another round because I was still horny.

I paid for my groceries and headed out to my car.

Then, low and behold, there he was. His car was parked right behind of me.  He smiled when he saw me, but then caught himself and turned to say something to his wife.  I opened my trunk and started putting my groceries in it when I heard the woman say something and then she turned and headed back to the grocery store.

So I took full advantage of the time and bent over my trunk to put the rest of my groceries in.  It was then that I felt him behind me pushing his fingers into my wet pussy.   Oh yes, I needed his cock again!  I had to have it.  Turning I said to him, let’s get in the back seat of my car.

 He followed, whispering in my ear,

I want to taste your pussy.  Getting in first, I turned to watch him climb in. Spreading my legs I put one up through and over the console.  As a result this opened my sweet wet pussy wide for him to taste. He didn’t waste any time he laid right down and buried his face into my crotch and started licking and sucking, finally.  Oh what heaven! It felt so good I started to buck and wiggle, Yes!  I needed to feel his big cock in me again! It was about that time that I saw his wife come out of the store.  She start walking toward us, to her car.

Shit, here comes your wife! 

Don’t move, and as a result she will never see you.  At first he tensed and froze, but soon he started moving his tongue again and it didn’t take long until he had me at the very edge again.  He stopped long enough to ask, where is she? She is headed back into the store.  No doubt to look for you.

He quickly unzipped his pants and pulled his big hard throbbing cock out.  Laying down on the seat he pulled me on top of him and started pounding his dick into me finally!

Yes, Oh My God, Yes!

Slapped his hand over my mouth because I was getting ready to scream, and he needed to muffle it.  I started to cum at that point, and it washed over me like a tidal wave. It wracked my body as I jerked and wriggled and convulsed around his cock.

He was drenched in sweat from our climaxing.  He smelled of my sweet sex!  Is the coast clear. I looked around and told him that I didn’t see anyone.  Quickly got out of my car.  He straightened his clothes, and then walked back over to his car.

I finished loading the groceries into my trunk, turned and gave him a wink.  Feeling completely satisfied and incredibly great, I got into my car.   I have no idea what he told his wife when she came back out, however, that was his problem.  As I drove home, I started planning for the next time I would go to the grocery store for some similar satisfying public sex!

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