Sex in a Public Place- Getting Fucked in a Crowded Pool Hall- Part 2


Well, of course, you came on back for part 2 of my sex in a public place blog! I am sure you are just dying to hear all the juicy details. If you really want to hear it all though you are going to have to make sure you grab that audio! Otherwise, you are going to miss some very dirty things! I hope you checked out my cuck queen blog. If you enjoyed it, let me know! Surely, you do not need a recap of part one, nonetheless, there is the link just in case. 


There I was wrapped in B’s strong arms, bent over the pool table. His giant shaft poking my bare thigh. To be honest, I was not wearing panties and my pussy was getting very wet. He told me to line the ball up to hit the ball I want. As I reached up to move the ball around he positioned his body so his dick was throbbing on my fuckhole. Next, he told me to concentrate on where I was going to hit the white ball. Although, his right hand was now squeezed in between our bodies and had discovered the fact that my pussy was naked and ready. I was finding it very hard to pay attention to the balls on the table. In fact, I reached one hand behind me and unzipped his pants. Sticking my hand into the hole and grabbing his balls.


“Where exactly do you want the ball” I breathed. Instead of answering me, he replied with a question. “Have you ever had sex in a public place?” 


Shaking my head no, I squeezed his shaft. He instructed me to shoot and act normal, as he took his dick out of my hands rubbing it on my wet clit. I took my first shot as he pushed his fat head inside of me. Obviously, I had to suppress my reaction! We were having sex in a public place. Luckily the sounds of the pool hall drowned out my gasp as he stretched my walls. He grabbed my waist staying inside of me and moved around the table. Taking his time to show me how to line up each shot so he could thrust and pulsate inside of me. I could see the table to my left was on to us and they were watching us. As a result, my pussy creamed all over his giant stick. It was going to be hard to not give everyone a show. 


To my surprise though most people remained oblivious to the fact that we were having sex in a public place. It was getting harder to focus on each shot as he patiently guided the stick in my hand and the one in my cunt. He whispered that he wanted to leave a big juicy creme pie in my bare pussy, but he did not want me to go clean it off. He wanted it to drip as we played. The thrill of getting caught was as exciting to him as it was to me. At any rate, we finished the game before he let that hot heavy load shoot inside of me. We ended up playing 3 more games before we went home and he fucked my brains out. 

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