Sex in a Public Place- Getting Fucked in a Crowded Pool Hall- Part 1


The other night I went out on a much-needed date. All this being cooped up in the house has been driving me absolutely insane. We decided to go to a local pool hall and play a few games. To my surprise, the place was pretty crowded. Honestly, I suck at playing pool but figured it would be a fun outing. Little did I anticipate things getting pretty dirty right there in the middle of the pool hall. In truth, I have always had a thing for sex in places where I could be caught. For instance, parking lots, public bathrooms, movie theaters, and that is just to name a few. However, I have never had sex in a public place, like out in the open! This was about to change.


Obviously, I was all dressed up! I mean this was my first outing in a very long time, and even though it was just a pool hall I was going to enjoy it! I was wearing a little white sweater dress that stopped right under my juicy ass cheeks. Of course, being winter and all I broke out my thigh-high suede dark grey boots. Even with the mask covering half of my face I had my eyes all done. I was feeling very sexy all in all. B picked me up and I could see in his eyes it took restraint to not bring me back in the house and fuck me. After all, I think he needed this night out as much as I did. Knowing that we also did have the rest of the night to enjoy each other kept me from suggesting it myself.


 Never did I think I was about to have sex in a public place. 


There were probably 75 people in there and, all eyes were on us as we walked in looking fine as wine. To illustrate, just how dirty this sex in a public place got I need to explain the setup of the room. There are 5 pool tables 4 going long ways and the one in the middle goes sideways.  Of course, there was only one table, and it was the one right in the middle of the room. We grabbed our balls and sticks and made our way through the crowd to the sideways table. B decided he would let ladies go first even though I warned him I probably should not break. Consequently, I scratched and managed to just tap the other balls. To give him the credit he deserves he worked to suppress the laugh as he offered to help me learn. 


“First, let me show you how to handle the stick”, he smirked as he pressed his body against me. I could feel his dick jump against my ass as he wrapped his arms around me positing his hands around mine on the long stick. Using his body he pressed down causing me to bend over the table. His lips brushed against my ear as he told me to loosen my grip so I was not choking the stick. “You want it to glide through your hand like you were jacking my dick” he whispered. As a result, his shaft knocked against my thigh and my pussy started to pulsate. God, it appeared I was really going to enjoy learning how to shoot pool. 


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I know you do not want to wait for part 2 so go check out the audio!


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