I tightened the grip on my cock. I was so fucking desperate to come.

“Slow down there cowboy.” She said, as she reached behind herself and I heard the unmistakable sound of her zipper coming down. My eyes widened as her dress fell into a heap around her nylon wrapped ankles.  “Here is another lesson in your sex education.”

“Ha ha.” She laughed, realizing that she just blew my mind with her dress dropping, leaving her in only her bra, panties, garterbelt, stockings and heels.

She sat down next to me on the couch again. She took my hand off my cock and she began playing with it, loosely, making sure that it was just enough of a touch to tease and not make me cum, this was a continuation in my sex education.

“This is your cock… it gets horny when you see… things that make you excited.”

“Like what Ms. Trisha?” I asked eagerly.

“Well… you know, but I’ll tell you.” She smiled.

“Like when you see those pretty college girls wearing those short… short little skirts, so short you can see their panties barely covering their cute little ass cheeks. They love to show off their pretty legs to make you boys horny. Those girls know they can get away with anything showing off their pretty long legs.” She said rhythmically, in time with how fast she was playing with my cock.

“Sometimes they’re little sluts… and it’s okay to ogle them Russell.

It’s okay to look, think about, and play with yourself later.” She said softly and in a very nurturing tone.

“If you want to look at a girls cleavage, you can do that too.”

“Mmmmm” I said. My balls were demanding the release of several million hostages, complete with a flagellum to propel them in their gooey liquid suspension.

“Just remember…. Never touch a girl if she’s under 18… never take a dirty picture of a girl if she’s under 18…because this is another lesson in your sex education. Please do not forget this one because it is very important.”

I nodded. I already knew that, but it was nice to have a refresher.  “But Russell… you can have me whenever you want.”

That statement of empowerment further stiffened my cock.

There was so much precum oozing from my cock I thought I was soaked.

“Yeah… You can fuck me whenever you want. Remember, not every woman will let you do that, but I will Russell.”

I smiled.

“Oh yeah… if you want, I’ll dress up.  Or if you see I’ve been a little whore…causing you to grab me, rip my dress off, yank my panties down.  Then throw me on the bed, kick my legs open and fuck my pussy.” She said, very loudly.

Finally… she began to get serious and began jacking my cock hard and fast.

My brain became overloaded with unbelievably intense waves of pleasure and euphoria, leading me to the finish line, where when I crossed I would feel the most explosive pleasure in all of existence.  Putting my sex education to the test.

I reached over and pulled her bra down and kneaded and played with Ms. Trisha’s perfect, succulent tits.

“Oh Trisha!!!!!!” I shouted. Our lips met and the orgasm began to rock my body hard.


Trisha smiled as my Cock spurted forth a tidal wave of jizz like a shotgun.

Several more spurts then landed on my face, stomach and on Trisha’s face, tits, and her stockings. She kept jacking my cock to assure that my balls were fully milked. The pleasure was so intense I could scarcely process anything else.

“Awww good boy cumming for Ms. Trisha like that…” She said, brushing her hand across my forehead. I laid there grinning from ear to ear, my energy spent and my balls completely drained.

“Happy 18th birthday dear.” She whispered, kissing me on the cheek. I loved this fantasy where I pretended to be 18 again but was in fact older. We did this fun little roleplay on my birthday ever since I became an adult. It is always a great refresher course in sex education.

“You do realize I would totally not be offended if you wanted to go on dates with other girls, right?”

I nodded, with a stupid goofy grin on my face.

“I’m willing to do this for you as long as I’m capable honey, but you really should go on a date sometime. Even if it’s your aunt and make sure you practice everything you learned in your sex education.”

I perked up.

“Is she single?” I said, my cock starting to rise again.

She smiled.


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