Sex Education, Thanks to my Neighbor.

I turned 18 today. My neighbor, Ms. Trisha promised me she would give me my first lesson in sex education today. I’ve played with myself before… but never fully to orgasm. Being way too scared what would happen and also being afraid somebody would hear me.

But I was prepared… my parents were gone… and I left the door unlocked as per instructions from Ms Trisha.   It was then that I heard the clicking of her heels down the hall.

I could feel precum erupt from the tip of my penis, already stirring inside my boxers.

Then she came in, smiling at me.  Ms. Trisha is blonde, and her red red silk dress with a pleated skirt that accentuated every curve of her sexy feminine form. As she entered I saw she wore a pair of black glasses and had her hair up in a bun.  She wore seamed nylon stockings, the same color as her delicious, barely tanned skin.
“Hi Russell!” She said in a friendly tone. “Are you ready for your first lesson in sex education?”  She sat down beside me.

“You’re going to learn about sex today …

But in order for you to really learn… I need to take out your cock.” She whispered

I froze. Goose bumps rose all over my body, and Ms. Trisha took charge, like she usually does.  She quickly, efficiently undid my pants and pulled down my boxers until my semi-hard cock flopped out.

“Hmm, not bad!” Ms. Trisha smiled, admiring my cock.

She took her left hand and very softly, very gently raked her fingers up and down the shaft of my cock.  “I think we need to continue with your sex education.”

Involuntarily I moaned and as she stood up, she left my cock aching, begging for attention.

“You need to know Russell that it’s completely okay for you to look at a woman because sometimes they’ll wear short skirts.”  She raised her dress, giving an enticing show of a couple extra inches of her shapely thighs, covered in those nylon stockings.

“That’s okay… it’s okay for you to get horny when you see a girl dressed sexy.

It’s completely natural. That is another lesson in your sex education.” She breathed.

“It’s not fair for you to have your cock out and me to not have something  for you to feast your eyes on,  because it’s only fair that you get to see my tits so we can see that that does to your cock.” She smiled, and she unzipped the front of her dress, allowing her big boobs to almost escape if it weren’t for a black demi-cup bra.

My cock stiffened and I reached to play with it.

“STOP… don’t you fucking dare!” She said sternly causing me to put my hand back to my side.  Then she sat down next to me.  “That is the next lesson in your sex education.”

“You like these tits, don’t you?” She swayed them from side to side. They jiggled hypnotically.

“Your penis definitely seems to like how this bra puts my beautiful tits on display.”

With that…. She reached over and wrapped her smooth hand on my cock and she began to jack off my cock. Ms. Trisha purposely kept the grip loose so that I wouldn’t come too fast.

“Look at my tits… imagine how fucking good it would feel for your cock to be between Ms. Trisha’s big tits.” She took her left hand and ran it along her bra line, as if she was a model on the price is right and the prize was her big jiggling tits.  “I have seen you admiring me when I was out sunbathing.”   My face turned bright red.  “It’s ok Russell because I liked you watching me.”

“Wooo” she whispered quietly. “I can tell you want to fucking cum so bad.

Do you want to cum, Russell?” She asked, smiling at me, as she kissed my neck.  “Control, that is another part of your sex education.”

“Yes” I said, my eyes affixed on every inch of Trisha’s body.

“Yeah? Okay… get ready, because this fucking living room is about to be drenched in your jizz. I should have told you to put down some plastic sheeting…” She smiled.

She stood up.

“Sometimes… when it’s a windy day… and you see my skirt blow up.

Then my little neighbor boy will get horny because he’ll see things he never, ever thought he would see… just like this.” She raised her dress like a curtain, quickly and indecently, revealing her thighs… her stocking tops… her garters… it was like the Benny Hill show, a show during which I frequently played with myself while watching.

“See? It’s so embarrassing… for Ms. Trisha’s skirt to blow up and to know neighbor boy got so horny seeing his neighbors sexy lingerie… her stockings… and her panties… not to mention her garterbelt.”  She snapped one of the garters running up her left thigh. The sound was soft but intense because it shot thunderbolts of desire straight into my cock.

“Can I please play with my cock Ms. Trisha? I’m so horny now.”

I said, pathetically.

“Yes you may sweetie. Just go slow though. I don’t want you to cum until I think you’re ready.  That is lesson number three in your sex education.”

“Remember when your aunt wore that pretty blue dress when she graduated college? I remember you telling her she was so pretty. You did that just after you saw her skirt blow up and you saw she was wearing that lacey blue thong. You remember that, don’t you Russell?”

I nodded, smiling and blushing at the memory.

“Your  Aunt, I know,  is so pretty. You need to know it’s okay Russell. It’s okay to have feelings for girls your age or older. Soon we will have to include intercourse lessons!”


Make sure to check back on Sunday for the conclusion of,  Sex Education, Thanks to my Neighbor.

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