Sex Club, First time at a Naughty Nightclub. Part 2

Susan stops and looks at me, just stares and says are you ready for this sex club experience?  I said are you kidding, I think I have been dreaming of this all my life! With that, she removes my skirt but leaves my stockings and heels on. I lie down and put my knees up and then let my legs drop open.

She doesn’t waste any time, she is down on me immediately. She is licking, sucking and fingering my pussy. Susan was sucking every drop out of me as I kept getting wetter and wetter. I closed my eyes and I am savoring the ecstasy that I am receiving when suddenly I felt something just a little bit different, I open my eyes to see Rick bent over me also and his fingers are probing me. He stops and looks at me. Yes, they are in a polyamory relationship, Alright!

We are here to worship you!

I cannot believe it! I just smile and nod. Before you know it there must be half a dozen men and women surrounding my outstretched naked body. I have someone sucking on my toes and massaging my calves someone else is playing and sucking on my tits, another person is fingering and eating my pussy and someone else is massaging my temples in between kisses and playing with my hair. This is like a sensory overload! I love group sex!

After having this sweet torture go on for a while, I am getting ready to explode.. At that moment I had the fingers replaced by someone’s big hard cock, I think it was Rick. The cock was so big and long, it almost hurt going in. They slowed down to give me time to get accustomed to the size. Then the sweet torture began again.

I was so ready to cum, I felt like a schoolgirl, who did not know how to control herself. At that moment I started to feel myself building, building and then, I exploded! I kept cumming and cumming! Then there were aftershocks God it was like an earthquake! THis continued for what seems like all night. I would explode to the depths of my toes and think there is no way they can make me cum again, only to find out that they can.  This is the best naughty nightclub I have ever been to.

Oh, I gave as much as I received also!

I got to suck on Susan’s clit and finger her sweet tight pussy. I also gave Rick a blow job that I don’t think he will ever forget and there were numerous others that I sucked cock or ate pussy.

We were all lying around, sexually spent.  Rick got up and told everyone that there was some breakfast ready in the other room if anyone was hungry. Hungary, God, I was famished after the intense group sex that I just experienced!

This club is at the very top of my list now. I try to get there every week I am available. I cannot believe it has taken me so long to find it, but now that I did, it will not go long in-between visits.

If you enjoyed this, check out my audio blog where you can hear all the details of the sex club in my own voice.

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