Sex Club, First time at a Naughty Nightclub. Part 1

I’m ready to go to a sex club. I have on thigh high stockings with some obscenely high stiletto heels, a very short black leather skirt and a see-through white silk blouse that just ties at the waist, no buttons. I grab my long red coat and head for the door.

Since I moved to Philadelphia, several years ago, I found out about this private club. I have been wanting to try it and never seemed to have the time. So I think now is the time. I find the building and go to the unmarked door and enter.  Perfume and sex, that is what you smell as you walk into the room.  I am getting very excited. I drop my coat off at the coatroom and head over to the bar for a drink. This is the spot where I am approached by the greeters.

Welcome, This is Susan and I am RIck.

We are here to show you around our sex club and explain the rules. Basically the only rule we have is No means No. Anything goes here as long as all parties are in agreement. Over here we have the dancing/stripper pole. Feel free to use it. We have three bars two on the main level and one upstairs. The restrooms are around the corner and over here are the playrooms. There are private ones upstairs and the main one is here. You are welcome to watch or participate.

The whole time that Rick is explaining everything to me I notice that Susan is checking me out. So I made sure to check her out also. Rick is a great looking guy, but boy is Susan ever a knockout! BIg round tits, tiny little waist, and legs that go on forever! God, I hope she wants to play! If Rick joined in, that would be great!  I am always open to a little threesome!  I hope and pray that Susan and Rick are in a polyamory relationship.

After they leave to go great someone else I sit and slowly sip my drink. A couple of guys approached me, however, my mind just kept going back to Susan. I head over to the dance floor and watch as a couple of young girls start dancing together and making out. It was so hot, right there on the dance floor they are kissing and gyrating and pressing there barely covered tits against each other. Wow, I found myself squirming in my seat and starting to rub myself without even realizing I was doing it. After about ½ hour, I see Susan coming towards me, I start to get a little wet. I am ready for some great group sex!

Hey Baby, want to play?

OMG, is she kidding I would love to play! She leads me to a door and as we enter I notice the floor is padded and there is not much else in the room except a box in the corner. There is a viewing window for others to watch, but I didn’t care. let them watch! She starts by taking me into her arms and kissing me, rubbing her hands up and down my back and pressing up against me. Oh my God, she feels so wonderful and tastes great, I can’t get enough of her! We kiss for a while and then slowly sink down to our knees.

At this point, my blouse is removed along with Susan’s and she starts to suckle on my tits. She really knows how to roll her tongue over the nipples to get them to stand erect!  I return the favor by sucking her beautiful round tits, I can tell they have been enhanced but it doesn’t matter, I can still get the nipples erect.

Check back in two days to find out what happens in this naughty sex club.  If you can’t wait, check out the audio blog where you will be able to hear all the sexy details and my voice describing them.

If you are looking for some girl on girl action check out Savanah’s Amazon Goddess blog.

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