Sex Club and Nervous Mackenzie’s First Trip part 2

Welcome back to my Sex Club story, where you are hearing about my first time going to one. The bar had so many hot men and women. The eye candy was amazing but slightly overwhelming. James and Jane both had my body on high alert with the intense passion I could feel just standing between them. James could not stop getting caught staring at my breasts, and Jane- her giggle was purely intoxicating. We moved from the bar area into the couples lounge to be able to talk. The music was not as loud, but the smell of lust was now very intense.

I sat between them, one of them to each side of me on a leather couch.

There was a couple across from us partially nude and mutually masturbating. Oh my! It was that so hot to see, I had never watched others be pleasured sexually, live, in front of me that is. I was still in shock I was at a Sex Club.  I was a porn freak, of course, and I watch it daily as I play with myself with my toys. However, this was different. The ambiance of the whole room changed, and the auras of passion and sex were strong and empowering. I decided that was time to make my move, I firmly grabbed Jane’s jawline and pulled her in towards me. I gently kissed her lips with a slight open kiss- when I retracted I took her bottom lip between my teeth and took a gentle nibble.

At that moment, James took his hand and slid it under what little material I had covering me, he let out a small gasp and a chuckle. He realized that I was not wearing any panties and he could feel my wet slit right there. At the end of us kissing, Jane stood up and took us to a room. She shut the door as James began to underdress himself. Jane removed her dress from over her head revealing a lovely white lace lingerie set. Garter belt, bra, sheer panties, all streamlined together with Chantilly Lace.

Which against her dark skin looked so exotic and tempting.

I thought, she looked sexy as if I did not have her get nude. Her nipples so erect and inviting my mouth to them- I leaned into her and took one into my mouth. My tongue circling around it, as I did she let out a moan. James stood behind me and began to lift up my dress. I shuffled myself out of it- leaving her nipple only briefly to have my dress go over my head. James’ hands cupped my breasts and he began kissing my nape as soon as I was exposed. I buckled in pleasure and took to the bed.

Jane placed herself on her back, spread eagle, with a cheeky grin knowing I was going to dive face-first into her sweet little pussy. I was on my hands and knees, buried into her sweetness. My backside, now being explored and enjoyed by James, who at this time, was growling and moaning with anticipation. My tongue began to lick and suckle his sweet wive’s nectar. She began to buck and quiver below me, which in turn, my pussy became hot and bothered. I felt my ass be spread apart, James’ tongue began to probe my tight asshole, then he dipped his tongue into my wet and dripping pussy.

I let out a loud moan and pushed myself back into his welcoming face.

He stood up, put a condom on, looked at Jane and she smirked back at him. She then grabbed me by my hair, pulling me into her deeper, simultaneously he lined up his cock right against my hole. His thick member slid deep into me slowly, my tongue finding her gushing against my face. Between how good his cock felt and having her gush, my body came so hard I squirted his cock right out of me. It was so fucking hot, the three of us entangled together this way. She and I both cumming so hard, I was shocked he was still containing himself so well. This was the best threesome I could have ever imagined having.

After a handful of more orgasms caused by his pounding my tight pussy as hard as he was– her shoving my face deeper into her sweet tasty hole he pulled out of me. She quickly moved to my side, on her knees, moaning how badly she wanted his cum. James ripped off the condom and tossed it right in the wastebasket next to the bed. He began vigorously stroking his big thick manhood. She and I made out in front of him, our tits exposed towards him, presented to him waiting for his hot load.

James started to growl, and I turned from our kissing session to open my mouth.

As a cumslut, I knew exactly what that growl, along with the hitch in his breathing meant. He was going to blow his load all over us sexy ladies. I could not wait to catch part of his warm man load in my mouth and on my tongue. Jane perked herself up in anticipation- she too was craving his seed. Arching his back, he began to shoot ropes of his white creamy goodness, a few landed on my tits, a couple in my mouth, she also got a mouth rope or two.  I leaned my mouth down and with my tongue licked what cum Jane had on her glazed breasts. God did he taste good.

She and I laid giggling in complete bliss– he in shock of what just all transpired. We dressed slowly, exchanging information and I walked out with a permanent grin and glow about myself.  I am still in awe of that night, but I can also admit it is my every weekend hangout.

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