Sex Club and Nervous Mackenzie’s First Trip

The rumor is, only old couples go to the local sex club to play. I would seem so desperate, as a single lady, going to the sex club. Or at least I thought that was what everyone would think. However, I did learn that my comfort level and its spectrum were a lot wider than I originally thought it was. I mean a sex club versus a night out at the bar, where I would end up taking a stranger home. Do not get me wrong, I was not opposed to the taking of a stranger home to fuck, it just was not something I did often for it to be characteristic. 

I had the perfect little slutty but classy dress to wear.

It went to my ankles, but with the slits, up to my hips, it was not covering. It was fully open in the front, exposing my perky natural tits. Small cutouts down my arms, making it super breathable. Pairing that with some sexy ass Steven Madden heels, LBD was going to be my night!! Dark smokey eyes, with glitter, and some bomb ass red lips was the perfect makeup for this outfit. I was going to be so fucking hot; therefore, I was definitely going to get some action. Which is the main reason I am going, I really need to get laid. It has been months, thanks to Covid– and this horny nympho needs to fix this. 

I covered my membership for the night, and the paid the door fee.

I took a tour of the club but a hot man. It was hard to look at everything he was showing me because my eyes would not stop staring at his tight ass that looked amazing in the slacks he was wearing. As you walk in, you are initially on the dance floor, the music had the best tempo. There were two bartenders right off the dance floor, with a line already going, so clearly they knew how to make drinks. I knew I would need one to be able to kick back and relax enough to enjoy the element. From above me, standing in the mezzanine, there were three or four couples that had a perfect view of me walking in. A perfect view meant down my dress. I then gazed upward and two of them winked or blew a kiss at me.

At that moment, I felt as sexy as fuck.

I was feeling very at ease and also comfortable. My tour finished up and the guide left me to my own devices in the locker room and shower area. I put my purse and things away– locked them up and walked out towards the bar. One of the couples was waiting for me there and said hello along with introducing themselves.

Jane stood about my height, she had dark wavy hair, was a little curvier, and had very large but perky breasts. she leaned down and kissed my cheek. James looked to be about six foot two, he had a bit of a “dad bod”, but was very muscular in the shoulders and upper arms. Both of them had ink in various places with some large tattoos. My nipples very erect, my pussy was eager to feel them, and my bottom lip clenched between my teeth.

At that moment, I stood there knowing, that I wanted to fuck them and wanted to have them fuck me back.

To Be Continued…

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