Sex Checklist – Sex Checklist: Location Edition – NAT – A – 0002 – 2-27-23 – Part 1

Just how naughty are you? Answer the questions in the “Location Edition” of Natalie’s Sex Checklist to find out!

This is a steamy little game for you to think back on the many naughty things you’ve done, and perhaps even find some new things to try! This checklist is a particularly spicy one. Most of the time we think about having sex, we picture being in someone’s bed. However, having sex can be a lot like real estate: it’s all about location, location, location baby!  Sometimes we have to find just the right spot to get our freak on! If you know what I mean, then this checklist is definitely for you. If you’re a bit unsure, read on anyway! A whole new world is about to open up to you when you realize all the places you can have sex in it!


Give yourself 1 point for each thing on the Sex Checklist that you have done, and at the end, I will rate just how naughty you are!

Ready? Let’s play!


Section 1. Home is where the Humping Happens!

  1. Let’s go ahead and start with the bedroom: Have you ever had sex in bed, all warm & cozy underneath the blankets?
  2. Sometimes it just gets too hot & sweaty to stay under the covers. Other times it starts so hot, you just don’t have time to get underneath all those blankets! Has this happened to you, where you had sex on the TOP of the sheets? 
  3. The couch can be for much more than watching TV! Have you fucked anyone on the couch before?
  4. You see your girl standing at the stove, looking incredibly fine. Have you ever followed through on the urge to have sex right there in the kitchen?
  5. What about doing it on the kitchen table? Or on top of any table?
  6. Some of the hottest sex can happen in a nice steamy shower! Have you ever had sex in the shower or bathtub?
  7. A little extra motion can ramp up the excitement! Have you fucked anybody on top of a washing machine or clothes dryer?
  8. When things are passionate, you may have no choice but to just get on your hands & knees & go for it! Have you ever done it on the floor?
  9. Just how romantic are you? Have you ever made love by the fireplace?
  10. Now just how KINKY are you? Have you ever had sex in front of a window where people could see you if they looked? 
  11. And finally: have you ever been brave enough to venture outside to the backyard for a bit of sexy time?

This completes the first part of the “Location Edition” Sex Checklist!

How many points do you have so far? Are you more or less naughty than you thought you were before you started?

Don’t worry, there’s still time to score more points before the results come in Part 2!

Would you like to know what MY answers are? You can hear my answers to all the questions from both Parts 1 & 2 in my audio now! If you enjoyed this checklist, be sure to check my other blogs for more!

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