Sex Checklist – Natalie’s Sex Checklist, Vanilla Edition – Part 1


Just how naughty are you? Answer the questions in Natalie’s Sex Checklist and find out!

Here’s a fun little game for you to think back on all your dirty deeds, and maybe find some new things to try! This is the first of many Sex Checklists, so we’re going to start with some of the basics. These questions will get kinkier over time. Be sure to check back for more!

Give yourself 1 point for each thing on the Sex Checklist that you have done, and at the end, I will rate just how naughty you are!

Ready? Let’s play!

Section 1. Let’s warm ourselves up with a little kissing!

  1. What about your kissing style: have you ever kissed a girl with your tongue, also known as “french kissing”?
  2. The movie theater is a very popular place to take someone on a date. Are you one of those horny hooligans who has had a make-out session at the movies?
  3. A hickey is what’s known as a mark that is left when someone bites or sucks on your skin. Sometimes it’s just a little red spot, but other times it can leave a full-on bruise! Have you ever been so passionate with someone you gave them a hickey?
  4. What about letting someone give YOU a hickey? Has there ever been the mark of a little love bite left on your skin?

Section 2. Pssst… Don’t forget foreplay!

     5. Lights. Camera. Action! A naughty photo can be very enticing! Have you ever taken a nude photo of yourself to send to someone special?

     6. Now let’s reverse it: has anyone ever sent you a revealing or sexually explicit photo of themself?

     7. A massage can not only be relaxing, but very sexy! Running your bare hands all over your partner’s body can be the perfect way to get them in the mood for some hot lovin’! Have you ever given a partner an erotic massage?

     8. What about you? Have you ever had someone lay you down and treat you to a sensual massage?

Section 3. We’re going to get a little “handsy” now!

     9. You know the feeling of your own hands will bring you pleasure. But what about others? Has anyone ever given you a good old-fashioned handjob?

    10. Mmmmmm a good pussy is always soft and warm. And not just around your cock, but your fingers too! Have you ever slipped a finger or two inside the warm apple pie between her thighs?

These next two questions might be a little bit wild for the “vanilla edition”, but I’m going to ask them anyway! 

     11. Have you ever used your hands to masturbate yourself while somebody else watched you?

     12. Now be honest: have you ever been lucky enough to watch someone else masturbate in front of you?


This completes the first part of the “Vanilla Edition” Sex Checklist!

How many points do you have so far? Are you more or less naughty than you thought you were before you started?

Don’t worry, there’s still time to score more points before the results come in Part 2!

Would you like to know what MY answers are? You can hear my answers to all the questions from both Parts 1 & 2 in my audio now! This is the first of many future Sex Checklists, so be sure to check my other blogs for more!

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