Wedding Sex, Fun at My Best Friend’s Wedding Part Two

Paired up all day, walking down the aisle, sitting together at dinner, pictures, all the waiting around we obviously ended up talking quite a bit. That initial flame just kept on growing. By the time we made it through dinner and actually got to sit back, relax and enjoy ourselves we were both ready for a nice stiff drink, and all I could think about was climbing on his nice stiff cock. I was going to be having sex at the wedding.

I was determined to have sex with him and I made it pretty clear throughout the rest of the evening that I wanted him. We had already been paired off all day and it stuck into the reception. Dancing with him when the other girls would pair off with their dates was a great way for me to make sure he’d want to fuck me. Grinding my ass against him, I could tell his cock was already partially hard. 

I wanted to fuck him on the spot. 

Dancing and rubbing my ass against his cock I was trying like hell to get him all the way there. A slow song came on and as I went to turn around to wrap my arms around his neck he stopped me and his arms wrapped around my waist pulling me against him. I could feel his sex pushed against me. He brought his mouth down to my ear and whispered “I know what you’re doing, and it’s working.” Rubbing himself hard against me I had to stop from moaning out loud.

“Now I’m going to take you and fuck you the first place I can get you alone.” He growled in my ear.

Before we finished dancing he’s dragging me off the dance floor. My panties are completely saturated. I feel the moisture between my legs and my body craves nothing more than for him to be inside me. Finally I’m going to have sex at the wedding. Our mouths meet and he pushes me against the wall. “I want you, now!” I tell him. 

As I’m undoing his pants he moves my panties aside and slides a finger between my glazed wet pussy lips. This time I do moan and as his cock pops out I replace his fingers with the tip, pushing him against my tight little opening. We’re both moaning, as his cock slides inside me he picks me up. Wrapping my legs around his waist he puts me against the wall and he’ fucking me. 

Pounding my pussy, slamming me into the wall he fucks me hard and fast. 

His face in my neck and my body wrapped around him. It’s like every tiny nerve ending in my body exploding at the same time. My nails are dragging up his back and all the little explosions are about to culminate into one really large orgasm. The sex is so amazing, I can’t even believe it.

I gasp in his ear, “Oh god TJ, I’m gonna cum.” He drives his cock hard inside me, staying there. Twisting his hips and grinding into me. Pushing into that spot. I bite down hard on his shoulder to keep from screaming. As I’m cumming he starts sliding in and out again. Long, hard, deep strokes. Milking out every last bit of my orgasm 

Setting me down quickly, with one hand on the wall he leaned forward. The other hand stroking his cock. I drop to my knees. If he didn’t finish during sex I’m still going to make sure he finishes for me. I start licking and sucking the head of his cock. Hearing him groan when I wrap lips around him is worth it. I open my mouth wide tongue out and let him fill my mouth with his load before I swallow it all down like the good little cumslut I am.

We both went back to the wedding like nothing had even happened. I had to get rid of those panties though…. Way to wet to put back on.

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