NIt Woken Something Inside Me 


The next morning sex on my brain. I reached over to grab Ben’s morning wood! Lisa loose lips I’m not in the mood. What an ass! Still don’t get where he got that stupid nickname for me. But since Ben insisted on calling me that. Maybe I should be Lisa loose lips for the horny guys who have prude wifes as I do a husband. I saw my pool boy today. A sexy 20 something year old. I decided I needed to tan. I put on a sexy tiny red and white polka dot bikini. Laying by my pool I noticed he took off his shirt. Mmmm! That made me wet. His body is fit. I asked him if he would mind putting suntan lotion on my back. He did not hesitate rushing over.  Electricity flew through my body as his skin touched mine. 


I wondered if he noticed the juices that started to drip from between my legs. I felt his hands slide away from my back. Down my thighs he began to rub. I noticed the parachute in his pants. I reached over to touch his cock. It was thick, veiny, with a beautiful mushroom head. I sat up placing his cock in my mouth giving that college kid the best blow job of his life. Not allowing him cum, I got up from my chair stripping down to nothing and jumped in the pool. He followed, grabbing me holding me up against the wall of the pool. I felt him slip inside me. Fucking me ! Pumping in and out. Making my body melt all over him. I came so hard my body vibrated on him. He kissed me passionately whispering I was the best sex he ever had. 


Sex Sex and more Sex


I started having sex with anyone I wanted. Ben was never home! There was no reason for me to let my rockin ‘body go to waste. If he didn’t want me! Literally a hundred other guys did. I fucked garbage men, the cable guy, the electrian. I was up to my eyeballs in random cocks. But being flustered! I wanted Ben to see what he was missing out on. So I invited his best friend Shawn over around the time Ben would be home. Shawn is a hot ass chocolate man with beautiful light brown eyes, dark brown sugar like skin and I wanted a taste. To my surprise when Shawn showed up Ben was with him. Both were a bit confused on why I  invited Shawn over?  I couldn’t get cold feet now. I had to prove a point to Ben. 


At the door greeting them I was wearing a silk red robe, with a red thong, no bra, red high heels, red dick sucking lip stick not to forget the red nail polish. I grabbed Shawn’s hand walking  him into the living room. Ignoring Ben as he followed us. I dropped my robe in front of them both. I got on my knees reaching for Shawn’s cock. He didn’t resist! I started sucking him, my husband stayed quiet, sitting on the couch watching. Shawn laid me on the floor as if Ben was not there. Slipping my panties off, starting to fuck me. Before I knew it Ben was kneeling above my head with his cock for me to suck. Ben fucked me doggy while I sucked Shawn’s cock. Both fucked me for hours. After that night sex with Ben stayed hot.  


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