Sensual Submission, A First Face-to-Face Meeting Part 2

“Come out here and let me see you’re ready for sensual submission. I want to admire you.” He said. She stepped out into the middle of the room. As she reached him, she gave a runway twirl making sure that he got a good glimpse of her ass. “Very nice,” he said as his bulge began to grow. He put a blindfold over her eyes. She felt his hands run up and down her sides. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck.

He teased her nipples with his breath. The sensation was subtle and yet arousing. Katrina felt him take her hands behind her back and he restrained her with what felt like a silk scarf. It made her feel completely vulnerable. With her hands restrained, he took more leave to touch other parts of her body. He let his fingers slip across her tits. She gasped and shivered with every touch. He pinched her nipples between his fingers. She nearly lost it and let out a loud moan.

“Oooh such lovely sexual deference, you told me they were sensitive and now I believe it. Let’s see what a little pain will do to them,” he said mischievously. He had a set of nipple clamps she realized as he attached them to her nipples. The sensation of pain and ecstasy came in waves. There was a chain connecting the two clamps and he added weight to them making her pussy juice. He licked each nipple. She was about to buckle from him fondling her tits.

“Drop to your knees!” he said commandingly.

Katrina complied easily. She heard him unzip his pants. Then she felt something pressing up against her lips. Katrina opened her mouth to a warm, salty taste on her tongue. She opened wider so his cock slid in her mouth. His cock was hard and smooth. It felt good. She loved to suck on cock and fancied herself an expert.

The sensual submission, sensations of pain on her tits, and the feeling of the hard cock in her mouth was too much. Katrina felt herself orgasm slightly. Those little orgasms always served to get her even more excited. She began to vigorously suck on his cock. She so wanted to feel him shoot a load of his cum in her mouth.

The moment Katrina thought she would get her wish, he pulled out of her mouth. He stood her up and guided her over to the couch. Her pussy was so wet now she could feel herself dripping out of those crotchless panties. He spread her legs wide and immediately buried his face into her wet pussy. His lips found her swollen clit and he sucked on it. Katrina felt his fingers slide into her dripping wet cunt. She thrust her hip towards him, signaling that she loved the feeling. He began to finger fuck her and her pussy pulsed with delight from the intense sensations.

He picked her up in those strong arms and bent her over the couch. A minute or two passed and she felt him approach her from behind. There was a feeling of pressure against her pussy. Then Katrina felt him slide his cock deep into her cunt. He was gentle but forceful. As he pounded her cunt, she felt his smooth skin slapping against her pussy.


She gasped as he brought his hand down firmly onto her left ass cheek. She was surprised and stung. Katrina was overwhelmed with intense pleasure.


Again, a firm slap on her right cheek. She nearly orgasmed with each successive slap. The combined effect of his hand and his cock quickly proved to be too much for her and she exploded with an intense orgasm. She wasn’t sure what she heard during the orgasm. As her body continued to explode with the sensations, Katrina realized the sound was her screams of ecstasy matching his loud groans as he came inside her pussy. They collapsed on the couch with their lips locked in passion.

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