Sensual Submission, A First Face-to-Face Meeting Part 1

The people I worked with would never believe that I was into sensual submission. It was such a deeply hidden secret that nobody in her public life would guess. She had contacted him on a special forum that she frequented in the evenings. As far as she knew his name was John. He seemed a compassionate soul with a penchant for a bit of BDSM.

Katrina spent the week getting ready for their meeting that weekend. She found a sexy low-cut top that revealed a decent amount of cleavage. If she went braless, there would be a subtle sight of her nipples. She was barely able to sleep with her excitement growing all week. Friday morning she went to work and hustled through her day. She wanted to get out as early as possible.

John had set up a meet for possible sensual domination in a hotel restaurant. It was a public meeting for safety if there was any uncertainty. As Katrina walked into the restaurant, she felt as though all eyes were watching. He stood as she approached the table and her heart melted. John looked even more stunning than his pictures. He was tall and rugged looking. Already she wanted to be in those big strong arms. She caught her breath and said, “You must be John.”

“And you must be Katrina.” He replied. “it is a pleasure to finally meet you for possible sensuous deference.” She extended her hand to shake his hand. He surprised her by taking it in his and lightly kissing the back of it. “It is a true pleasure to meet you and might I be so bold as to say that you look amazing,” he said with a smile and gleam in his eye.

She blushed with pleasure.

Katrina felt the floodgates of desire open at this act of chivalry and gentlemanliness. She was immediately disarmed. Through dinner, she couldn’t tell you what they discussed. Katrina kept fantasizing about him naked, his strong arms, muscular body, and what she wanted to do with him. She never wanted to throw herself at a man as much as she wanted to at this moment.

Once dessert arrived, he broached the topic of sensual domination. “I remember all the details of our chats and I am ready to fulfill your fantasy. However, I want to make sure that you are ready tonight,” he said, “If you still are interested, we need to discuss a few things.” Katrina thought for a moment. She was still a little scared but desperately wanted it. So, she said, “I am still interested.”

“Good, then the rules. First, if you say stop, then we stop. I want this to be what you want. Second, if something comes up that you are not comfortable with, then you must say, stop. Is that clear?” Katrina contemplated it for a second, “Crystal clear!”

“I believe that I understand your limits in regards to sensual submission from our conversations but I want things to be completely consensual. So, third, you must comply with all my requests and commands unless you evoke either rule one or two.” She said, “Understood!”

“Okay, this is an exploration to see if we are compatible. It is not a Dom/sub relationship…yet.” He said with authority. Katrina nodded her head in agreement.

“Then why don’t we take this upstairs?” he said.

The room for Katrina’s sexual capitulation was a large suite with a king bed, jacuzzi tub, and a living area with a couch and table. He had come prepared. “I purchased an outfit for you. Not that your current attire isn’t alluring. You will find it in the bathroom. Please go in and put it on.” Katrina went into the bathroom. Hanging from a hook was a sexy BDSM outfit. It was an open cup bustier with leather clasps that connected to a leather choker collar and leather crotchless panties to match. “It fits perfectly,” she thought as she admired herself in the mirror. She hoped that John would be pleased.

Part 2 coming in 2 days!

Sensual Submission, A First Face-to-Face Meeting Part 2

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