Sensual Erotic Bath & Masturbation In Quarantine Part 2

If you have been following this sensual erotic bath story, then you know I’ve been playing with myself a bit while in the bath. I have nothing but time to kill. No one is able to satisfy me, so I had to get creative with this one.

I’m still laying here with my nipples as hard as a rock, and my 8-inch waterproof toy. I decide to take the toy out of my pussy and begin teasing my clit again by rubbing it gently across. This really made my pussy want more and I felt amazing while doing this. 

After a bit of fun playtime, I needed to take a break so I could wash myself up. I grabbed the face cloth I was touching myself with and began to put some body wash on it. Up top was where I started, by my neck and worked my way down my body. Every single part of my body was given the attention that it deserved, especially those naughty spots. 

I made sure to give extra attention to my tits, my hips, stomach, legs, and of course my pussy and ass. I wanted to get myself as clean as possible and give myself some satisfaction while doing it. 

As I continued to wash up in the tub, I really couldn’t help myself.

I often had to stop and take breaks so I could work myself up a bit by touching and teasing if you know what I mean. 

After washing my body and rinsing myself off, I wasn’t quite ready to get out of the bath just yet. I grabbed another one of my water toys, this one actually vibrated. I had figured it was a bit more intense so I wanted to use this one last.

First, I put the vibrator on my tits to start with, teasing my nipples, and making me all wet down there again. I even put the toy on a few other spots of my body, teasing myself, as i worked my way down to my pussy.

I started off teasing and touching my pussy very slowly and eventually making it go faster and faster. 

This gave me one of the most intense orgasms and I was surprised at just how good it really was. All of that teasing really did work me up. The feeling of the water, plus the vibrator, plus my hands rubbing and touching everywhere, it all just made me explode and feel so good. After I came everywhere, I gave myself one last cleaning, and eventually, after a few minutes, I began to get myself up.

Sometimes, you can be your best entertainment. You just have to get creative with it. I really enjoy a nice bath every now and again. And I finally had some time to try out my new toys. What kind of things have you done for yourself if you’re also in quarantine? There are so many different ideas out there, I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

If you missed it, check out part 1 of my Sensual Erotic Bath blog. Or, if you want to hear me really get off, take a look at my audio blog.

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