Sensual Domination part two…

Now, where did I leave off?

Oh yeah, your cock near my mouth, and our eyes locked on to one another. At that moment, you try to sit up, and I push you back down and remind you– “You need to be a good boy and let me have my fun!” Because of my sassy intonation, which does not fit my character, you smirk and allow me to take the reins. I firmly take your cock with my right hand and lick the top of your thick throbbing tip with my tongue. You place your hand on my head like you normally do. I duck and slap it away, before engulfing your head in my mouth, suckling with firm pressure. Your cock then twitches with excitement. Due to just allowing things to happen, you put your hands at your side, and I remind you what a good boy can have when he behaves. 

My mouth eagerly swallows more and more of your shaft.

I use my tongue at the base of your cock, licking the upper end of your balls. My hands wandering about your body with deep and then shallow scratches. I begin to hum as your leg muscles tighten up, flexing in excitement. As I remove my mouth, I ask you if you like what I am doing? Does it feel good? Do you want more? Your tone seemed a bit disinterested. I lean myself back, allowing my hand to wander down my body, I lock eyes with you, nibbling my bottom lip– just at the moment that I found my swollen love button. With the intention of teasing you into a manic state, I allowed myself to play in front of you.

My cupcake wet with anticipation for your cock.

but also loving the new hunger I was having. Sensual Domination was driving me wild– I was craving you in ways I had never before, I wanted you so badly that my body was bubbling with heat for you. You reached for me, and I snapped my legs shut. I growled at you and told you NO! I did not tell you, you could touch!! You have to beg for it! Your eyes light up, my face smirks with that twinkle in my eye that makes your cock precum. I take a gander down, and sure enough as the begging words from your mouth begin, your cock begins to drool. My mouth drools too– craving to taste you. I cannot! You have to earn it… My hand goes back to playing with myself, you begin to escalate in the intensity of your begging.

On the verge of an orgasm, I remind you what you can have if you behave.

And, you promise to behave going forward. Pure bliss hits as I cum and drip down my fingers. At that moment, I press my sweet nectar into your mouth. And, I ask you if that is what you want? You whimper your yes to me. Then, I lay down on my back, and use your head to guide you down to my warm waiting pussy. Your tongue is dying to get inside. To clarify that you need to beg for it, I blocked my opening, you look up at me with your eyes saying everything. Surprisingly to me, you went ahead and began to beg for my sweet juices on your face. As a result, I had to give you what you wanted.

Your tongue darting itself in and out of my sweet little hole. Hence the mess that began to puddle underneath me. At that moment, I grab the back of your head, causing you to be smothered by my pussy. Here, your face was perfectly placed where I need it. And because of this, I begin to grind myself against you. Feeling you and enjoying this Sensual domination was such a turn on. In fact, this pairing being so good, my pussy started to gush my sweet cream all over your handsome face.

At that moment, my body began to shake, my moans taking over the room.

Straightaway you come up to my lips and kiss me with a loving raw passion. I can taste my sweetness off of you. During this kiss, you beg me to cum. Truly, I was in need of your cum– so I motioned for you to place yourself up by my mouth. As a result, my looking into your eyes and placing your cock on my tongue, and telling you to feed me– was what you needed to blow your load in my mouth and down my throat.  Thus, I am thinking this Sensual Domination role play we have needs to stay!!

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