Sensual Domination 

Sensual Domination is something I have recently learned about.

I wonder, could I turn you into a plaything? Would you be a good plaything? I sure hope that you can, because the more obedient you are, the more fun you get to have. Or is it, have had with you? Mmhmm, maybe both? But since working here at the Temple, I have found that I am more and more curious about a lot of things. Up til now, I have always been the little bratty flirt who has a submissive side. But, let me tell you what– since getting to play out some of the fantasies my callers have… well, I am wanting to try things out myself more and more. I am dying to try out my sensual domination side of play. Having complete control over you and that lovely cock of yours… mmmm 

I know you really like when I tease you and allow my brat side out. But, I wonder what would you do if that side was let out and just takes control. This has gone through my head a few times now babe– different play by plays. 

Do you want to hear about it?

Well, it starts off with our morning snuggles, like always. I push my booty up against you and you rest your arm over on me. You start kissing my neck, my shoulders, my back, and that is when I twerk myself against you. I start to feel your cock bulge nice and big for me. I would grab it with a firm and rough grip. You would gasp in delight and shock for what I did. See, this is out of character for me, but oh so nice to feel happening. I am sweet and very loving, so there is no way you would get hurt. However, you want to know what it would be like if I was assertive and did it all. Your hitched breath tells me you are enjoying it. I would then get myself on my knees, tossing you onto your back by your shoulders. 

Laying into those lovely lips of yours with an amazingly passionate kiss. My hands firmly clawing down your chest, as my tongue follows it behind. I hear you let out a moan with a small gasp. Your hip bone calling for me to kiss it, and then a slight nibble, I have you arching yourself. At that moment, I look up and lock eyes with you, my sweet, loving, sensual Dom is deciding she wants to play.

To be continued,

But if you cannot wait any longer to hear how this ends well, then buy the audio and enjoy me telling you in your ear.

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Or you can prepay minutes with me here and we make our own story.  Call me and let’s have our own fun at 877-207-5211.

Cum play with Kenzie!! You know you want to


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