Sensual Domination: My Perfect Night In Control Part 2

If you’ve been following this sensual domination story, you will remember we left off in my living room, and things were just starting to get hot and sexy. At this point, I had this guy right where I wanted him. He held me close to him as he was making out with me. Eventually, I moved his hand down to my tits, and he started being a huge tease. Touching me through my shirt, slipping his hands under it, taking it off so slowly. Removing my braw and putting his lips on me, starting with my left nipple, licking and nibbling on it ever so gently. And then moving to the right one, and doing the same.

Keep going I said, keeping my control and wanting him to kiss me all the way down my body until he got between my legs. He pulled my pants off, along with my silky red panties, and he spread my legs open, revealing my sexy wet pink pussy lips. Pulling his head down in between my legs, he kissed and licked every single drop of cum out of my pussy and cleaned me up so good. I must have come in his mouth three or four times before I made him lay down on the bed.

As he laid down, I could see his cock so hard and throbbing.

I could tell it was craving my pussy. So I got on top and slowly teased his cock a bit by running it over my pussy. Gently and slowly, eventually sliding it inside of me and moving up and down. 

My pussy was so wet, his cock had no problem sliding in and out of me. Starting off a bit sweet and slow, but then getting a bit harder and faster. And of course, on my commands, slowing down at random. I loved a challenge, and I loved the way he made my pussy feel with his cock.

As I continued to bounce up and down on his cock, he kept touching my breasts with his hands, and even giving them a bit of attention with his mouth. I felt my pussy getting ready to cum all over his cock, and I could tell he was also ready to cum. After we came together, we laid in bed for a few minutes before getting up to go share a smoke. He actually found it really hot and sexy that I enjoyed an occasional smoke after sex.

I told him next time, he had to be the one to make the moves, and give me a surprise.

I really loved the way his cock made me feel, and I loved being able to control his every move. He really knew how to make me feel good, and I couldn’t wait for our next encounter. It was one of the best nights of my life, and I will never forget it.

If you missed Part 1 of my sensual domination blog then check it out. Or, to hear me get off to this story, check out my audio blog.

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