Sensual Domination: My Perfect Night In Control Part 1

This is where sensual domination begins. You will love every detail of how I like to have it my way in the bedroom.

I’ve talked a lot about sexual encounters that I’ve had, and I love being able to share all of these sexy stories with you. However, I’m sure you’ve all had this question on your mind. What would an ideal night for Hailey be like if she could take full control? Well, today I am finally going to give you all of the answers that you’ve been looking for.

As a lot of you know, I tend to be more of a dominant type when it comes to sex. I enjoy it very much, but sometimes, I don’t mind letting someone else have a bit of control over me. I find it more fun when I’m surprised rather than just doing the same boring stuff over and over again. However, there is one thing in particular that gets me extremely excited and that is when I’m able to just have my way with a guy and control his every move. 

This includes everything from setting the scene, to every move he makes in the bedroom.

Being able to just have that kind of power and control over someone would just turn me on so much. 

I would meet someone at a bar, or just out somewhere. But I do end up at the bar a lot, so it’s the first place I thought of. I’d make eye contact with a guy from across the room and give him my sexiest most seductive smile. He would motion for me to come over and offer to buy me a drink. We would drink our drinks while talking and participate in a bit of harmless flirting while getting to know each other. After a few minutes,  I’d look at him, fixing my eyes onto his. Staring at me, slowly moving from my face down to my tits, he would smile, and lean in a little closer.

Putting his lips to mine, slowly leaning in to give me a soft kiss, he would run his fingers up and down my body while making out with me for a few minutes before saying, you want to get out of here? Standing up with a smile, I take his hand and we leave to head out to his car. Me being the girl that I am, I tell him to drive the two of us to my place. my heart beats with excitement as I smile in his passenger seat, thinking of all of the things that cock will do to my pussy. I could even see his cock was a bit hard inside of his pants.

I could tell that I wasn’t the only one who was excited.

We got to my place and went inside to the kitchen. Taking out a bottle and some glasses, I offered him a drink, and we went and sat on the couch. With every second, I could feel him moving closer and closer towards me, and eventually, he held me close to him, leaning in for another kiss, wanting to pick up where we left off.

If you can’t wait to find out what happened next, check out my audio blog. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until Thursday for Part 2 of my sensual domination blog.

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