Sensual Domination, Lexi is in charge of you part two

The moment you surrender to Lexi, She takes you in. With gentle pressure, She stands and brings you to your feet. Your body instinctively obeys Her sensual domination over you. Her hands, once cupping your face now glide down your neck, across your shoulders, down your arms, and She takes your hands in Her own.

Without a word, She turns around, with one of your hands still grasped in Hers and she leads the way from the chambers. Not willing to break the silence and disturb the air filled with Her, you follow along eagerly. You drink Her in with your eyes. The way Her hips sway ever so slightly with Her steps, how Her hair brushes Her ass, all of it.

She takes you down a hallway and past a set of gauzy curtains that uncover her grand bedchambers. The room is easily three times the size of the receiving chambers you knelt in for hours. The centerpiece being a huge platform bed, three to four times the size of a California king. With a mountain of pillows and a luxurious comforter the color of the midnight sky, speckled with a spattering of silver specks like glitter. She lets your hand go and She strides towards the bed, turning and sitting at the edge.

She crosses one leg over the other and leans back on Her hands, Her breasts thrusting forward as Her shoulders shift back to help prop Her up in her position. Her gemstone blue eyes rake over you slowly, gently assessing.

A small pleased smile curves her plump lips and she breaks the spell of silence.

“Tonight, I shall make you one of my cherished attendants. In order to ascend to such a position, you must take me within.” Lexi uncrosses Her legs and slowly spreads them to expose her bare, glistening pussy. “Come to me on your knees, and earn the nectar of the Gods.”

Her voice is like a spell weaved around your body. You find yourself shuffling forward and dropping to your knees before Her. Like a man possessed, you shuffle in close and She makes the task all that easier by lifting Her legs up to rest upon either of your shoulders.

You lean in and like a moth to flame you open wide and take Her whole pussy into your mouth, tasting Her in Her entirety. The taste of her on your tongue makes you moan long and low, your cock once again stiffening beyond compare, and you are rewarded with a breathy sigh of pleasure.

Encouraged, you slide your tongue from Her wet cavern to Her special bundle of nerves.

Circling your tongue and flicking alternatively earns you gasps and whimpers from your Goddess. Each sound of pleasure causing a wave of precum to ooze and drip from your cock like a leaky faucet.

But that means nothing to you, instead your hands come up to grasp the outside of Her thighs, tugging her closer so that you may devour Her more thoroughly. Her nub hardened and sensitive, you suck it into your mouth and nibble on it gently with your teeth. Your Goddess falls back on the bed and cries out Her release, Her nectar flowing from Her Divine pussy and down your eager throat.

As you drink greedily, the very nectar bestowed upon you causes you to have an ethereal reaction. Your whole body jolts and you cum even harder than earlier. Waves of pleasure wash through you and your body feels as if it is being filled with Her. You are no longer your own person, instead you are Hers. Forevermore.

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