Sensual Domination, Lexi is in charge of you part one

You kneel on the floor, naked as you were instructed by your Goddess. Hands resting on your thighs, palms up. And you have your head downcast, eyes to the floor. Your need for sensual domination is what brought you to the Temple and to the Goddess Lexi. Are you grateful to have found such a benevolent Goddess?

The sound of heels unhurriedly clicking on the marble floors alert you to your Goddess’ approach. She is coming for you at last, after waiting here for an audience with the one you wish to pledge yourself to. The others in the spacious Temple begin to scurry, you hear the rustling of bodies as they too drop to the floor to kneel before their Goddess.

As the sound of Her heels get’s louder, you can catch a whiff of a floral scent tickling your nose. One you have never experienced before, but intoxicating in it’s strength. You begin to feel your heart lift with each click, each step of your Goddess. But you dare not chance looking up from the floor to gaze upon Her without permission.

With a collective sigh that borders propriety, Lexi enters the chamber.

Her steps do not falter when She enters, instead She continues straight to you, as if you were Her destination all along. “You offer me your mind, body, and soul in return for my Divine blessing and love?” Her voice is pure seduction, your cock can’t help but become ramrod straight the moment you hear it.

The very thickness of her aura so close by, the scent of a flower you cannot name, and a voice as smooth and sultry as warm honey drizzled on bare breasts is almost too much for you to bear. But you muster the strength and whisper your answer. “Yes, Goddess.”

“Look at me.” She gently commands. You hesitate for only a heartbeat, but then you lift your head and your eyes land upon Her ethereal beauty. Legs as long as sin, skin tanned lightly from the sun with nae a line in sight, hair as dark as rich soil and tumbling down her body in large loose beach waves, and eyes as blue as gemstones. Your Goddess stands before you bare as you are, save for the heels that announced her arrival.

Your mouth dries as all moisture travels south to engorge your cock and have it leak precum. You have no words, you merely gaze at Her as if burning her image into your retinas. She takes a step closer to you and cups your face in her delicate hands. The moment She makes skin contact your whole body explodes in pleasure and you cum harder than you ever have before.

As your body begins to flood with embarrassment, you notice that Her eyes do not hold a single flicker of judgement. Instead She bends down and brings Her lips to yours in a feather soft kiss. All tension leaves your body and you surrender to Her.


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