Seduction Trap, The Katrina and Cory in The Elevator Series Part 2

Oh, if only you knew the kinds of changes I want, Katrina thought as she prepared to make her first move in the seduction trap. It was now or never. She wanted to experience all that Cory had to offer her and to give him everything he wanted and more. “Since we’re just sitting here, Cory, I have a bit of a confession to make.” As she spoke she discreetly began to undo the first few buttons of the blouse she was wearing. “A confession? What sort of confession?” Cory’s curious eyes were riveted on Katrina’s eyes as they spoke.

Katrina continued to slowly unbutton her blouse in her seduction ploy. She was praying that Cory kept his eyes on hers for the next few moments. “You and my sister have been together for almost a year now, which is a pretty long time.” He said in response, “Yeah, it is.” Then she continued saying, “Well, I have something that I need to say and since we’re here alone for who knows how long, well, I just don’t think it would be fair to you or me for that matter if I didn’t let you in on a little secret of mine.” Katrina took a deep breath, “So, here goes, I’ve had a pretty big crush on you for the last six or seven months.” She finished with the last button but held the blouse so it didn’t fall immediately open exposing her breasts.

Katrina used dim lighting to her advantage.

Cory’s eyes widened briefly at Katrina’s revelation in this seduction trap but then narrowed as he studied her more intently. “Is that so? I’m going to guess that you haven’t said anything about this to your sister or your parents then?” Katrina let herself smile as she slowly pushed herself up onto her knees and closed the short distance between them. She gently let go of her blouse allowing it to fall open just enough to bare the luscious, round tops of her breasts that peeked over the top of her satin push-up bra. “No, I certainly haven’t,” Katrina said as she continued to close the distance between them until she was almost making full-body contact. Katrina straddled his legs with her breasts hanging mere inches from his chest. Her face was less than a foot from his face and she was giving him her best “I’m Yours” look. 

This was all a part of her seduction ploy. To his credit, Cory didn’t flinch much at all, but he did make an effort to back away just slightly before realizing he was already up against the wall. “Umm…Katrina…what exactly is going on here?” Katrina continued to smile and shifted so the blouse would fall open the rest of the way. “I’m going to ask you this just once Cory. I can make you feel good. Are you interested in learning about all the ways? My sister is conservative and it’s no secret. She is attractive, but at 26, she’s begun to get caught in a rut with all her wants and needs. I don’t believe in ruts and I think you deserve better than what she has to offer you.”

Cory’s jaw dropped. “Katrina, are you propositioning me while I’m engaged to your sister?” 

A soft laugh escaped from Katrina’s mouth as she leaned in to gently caress the side of Cory’s neck with her lips in her seduction trap. She grazed her lips gently along his collarbone and up the side of his neck to his earlobes where she flicked her tongue out just once. “Not necessarily, Cory, I’m promising you the time of your life right here in this elevator if you want it. It can be a “one time only” thing if that’s all you want, but you only get this one chance. Right here, right now.” Katrina pulled back to give him a little room, letting the blouse drop from her shoulders as she sat back, waiting for him to make the next move. Katrina knew his decision. She had once again worked her magic.

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