Seduction Trap, The Katrina and Cory in The Elevator Series Part 1

Katrina couldn’t think of a more perfect seduction trap. Now she could find a way to let Cory know how she felt on this private shopping trip. Cory had asked Katrina for her help so that he could find something special for her sister’s birthday. So, they left early in the morning for what would turn into an all-day shopping excursion. Cory and Katrina visited numerous stores. Finally, Cory had settled on purchasing a sassy piece of lingerie for his fiancée, her sister. It would probably be more of a treat for him than her.

Lucky for Katrina’s seduction ploy, she was the same size as her sister. However, Katrina has much larger breasts. With this in mind, Katrina planned to sway Cory’s decision in a specific direction. It would have him buying something that would look more flattering on Katrina herself. She was secretly hoping that someday she would have a chance to model the lingerie for him. However, there had not been a chance to speak of her desires to Cory yet.

Katrina could not know a great seduction trap would be dropped in her lap. It was sooner then even she could imagine. There had been a warning on the local news about the potential for power outages earlier that morning. All through the city were frozen power lines because of the previous night’s storm. Maybe it was luck or fate, but one of those power outages struck the mall. It happened while Katrina and Cory were completely alone together on the elevator on the way to the underground parking garage. The power went out between floors. The power cut off suddenly plunging Katrina and Cory into a moment of utter darkness. 

Then the red emergency lights kicked in, but the elevator doors were refusing to open.

For the first half-hour in the seduction ploy, Cory had calmly tried to call everyone he could think of on his cell phone to alert somebody to their plight. After repeated attempts losing signal before he stopped. Cory turned his efforts to pushing the doors open by himself. In an otherwise disconcerting situation, Cory’s confidence and control impressed Katrina. She admired Cory’s display of strength even though he was hampered in his attempts. He had nothing to pry the doors open with except his bare hands.

In the surprise seduction trap, Cory continued trying to push the doors open. The air conditioning was out. Cory is covered in a light sheen of sweat. In the close confines of the elevator, Katrina could not help her rising arousal at the sight of Cory’s muscles contracting and straining. The slight scent of the musk of his exertion was so intoxicating. It was Cory’s physique that had first drawn Katrina’s attraction those many months ago. Though it was his confidence, charm, intelligence and particular sense of humor that had turned Katrina’s simple attraction into a burning desire to have him.

Unaware of Katrina’s mounting secret desire and seduction ploy, Cory sat across from her in the opposite corner of the dim elevator. His eyes closed and his head resting against the wall. Cory wore a pair of neatly pressed slacks and a button-down shirt. He’d kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned the top couple of buttons of his shirt because of his exertions and temperature in the confined space. Katrina wore a simple satiny v-necked buttoned-down blouse to show off her cleavage and short black mini-skirt with stockings and heels. 

With no sign of escape, they were stuck for nearly two hours.

Katrina knew she could use this seduction trap to fuck any man. She worried that she might never get another chance even though she was anxious to make her move. Leaning forward, Katrina quietly said, “Cory, how are you doing? Cory opened his eyes and straightened up as he answered. “Not too bad. It’s a little hot in here, but other than that, I think I’m okay.”

Katrina loved the way she felt when his eyes were on her and she reveled in the fantasy of this seduction ploy. Cory only ever wanting to look at her and nobody else. Katrina said, “I’m starting to get pretty warm too. Do you think there is anything we can do about it?” With a shake of his head, Cory said, “No, I don’t think so. We’ve been in here for a while now and I’m not sure if we have any choice but to make the best of the situation and hope for some kind of change soon.”

Part 2 coming in 2 days!

Seduction Trap, The Katrina and Cory in The Elevator Series Part 2

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