The final intense chapter of how I lost my virginity when I seduced my stepbrother!

“Make me..~” He cooed.

It was always so difficult to keep my tough exterior when he was teasing me back and forth. Without thinking, my lips crashed into his and I deeply kissed him. Tristan was taken aback and almost stopped thrusting, but he only thrust even harder and kissed me back. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths, and we both slurped at each other’s tongues. I let out tiny, muffled moans into his mouth while big brother did the same. “Mngh!” Tristan grunted suddenly and pulled away from the kiss. A thin string of saliva connected our tongues before it collapsed in a second and ran down my chin.

“Oh f-fuck! I-I’m gonna cum!” Tristan gasped as he felt his arousal reach its peak. He thrust hard and plunged deeply into my cunt before he suddenly pulled out and nestled his erection between my ass cheeks, and came. He bucked his hips as his cock spurted out several cumshots, some landing on my back. The copious amounts of his seed ran down his shaft. I purred blissfully as I ground my vulva against his twitching cock. Tristan was huffing and breathing loudly as if he got done running a marathon.

“Holy fuck..” He sighed deeply, gently petting my hair as he laid there in heavy afterglow.

I leaned in for a kiss, and he accepted the gesture, letting their lips meet once more. I pulled back and settled on top of him with a quiet sigh. “That was incredible..” I said as I hugged Tristan tightly. He managed a small, tired smile and wrapped an arm around me. “C-Can I go back to sleep now?” He asked with a slight whine. “Y-Yeah-” I was interrupted by the sound of a door from upstairs. 

“Tristan?” My dad’s voice came down the stairs. “Is that you? You alright?” 

“Fuck,” I curse quietly and slipped off the couch to the floor. 

“Um… yeah John,” Tristan said. “Sorry man, I was getting a snack and stubbed my toe.” 

Luckily Dad couldn’t see me on the other side of the couch. 

“Well, uh… try and keep it down huh?” Dad said. “Good night Tris.”

“Goodnight John,” Tristan covered his bottom half with the blanket as my dad went back down the hall and back to bed. When the door shut, I poked my head back up. 

“Guess I better sneak back to bed,” I grinned. “Thanks big bro!” 

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