Things were just getting steamy last time as I was seducing my stepbrother! Let’s see what happens.

“Mngh..f-fuuck..” He whined and gripped the blankets. I delicately cupped his balls and tucked the waistband of his underwear underneath of them. The other girls had said that when you felt hot and wet between your legs, then you were ready for sex. “Mmh..I-I think I’m ready now..” I murmured quietly, resting my head against Tristan’s chest and wrapping my arms around his torso. Tristan nodded and did the same, holding tight onto me as he rolled over on his back. His hands traveled down to my waist again, down to grope my ass, making me shiver and whimper. “S-Stick it in already, please..” I begged, not really knowing what I was begging for,  and nudged his cheek with mine.

“I-I’m gettin’ there, hold your horses..” He muttered as he held his shaft and guided his tip to my entrance and pressed lightly against my folds. I was more eager for him and pushed back against his glans and eased down slowly onto his cock. Tristan watched me gradually take his length, looking a little nervous as he watched me wince in what seemed to be pain.

“A-Are you okay? Is it too big for you?” He asked cautiously as he stroked my arm for comfort.

So sweet, he didn’t know I was a virgin and I wasn’t about to tell him. I shook my head and let out a shuddering sigh. “N-No..I-I’m..nghh..I’m f-fine..just not used to it, is all..” I breathed as I took as much as I could without overwhelming myself. It did hurt a little, but I’d been practicing with toys up there so I knew seducing my stepbrother would feel good soon.

“I’m gonna start th-thrusting now..” Tristan told me as he put both hands on my rear, spreading my ass cheeks apart slightly, and beginning to thrust upwards at a gentle pace. I squeezed my eyes shut and fell forward wrapping my arms tight around him; embracing him closely for comfort. I let out quiet squeaks and whimpers into his t-shirt, trying to keep quiet enough not to wake my dad. “Hhg! Y-You’re so b-big..!” I moaned out and gripped onto his clothing. Tristan held my head close to his chest and ran his fingers through my messy hair in an attempt to relax me as his thrusts got faster.

“F-Fuck! T-Tristan!”

Finally it was hot and starting to feel really good. I yelped and dug my fingers into his shoulders. He tenderly kissed my hair and held my body close to his as he fucked me with quick, hard, and passionate thrusts. I tried to muffle my cries and moans into his chest, I bit down on his chest and only felt him grow harder. “Y-You’re so cute sometimes..” He teased, breathing heavily as he spoke. My face flushed immediately and I let out a groan of frustration. I was not cute, I was sexy! A sexy full grown woman! I lifted my face from his chest and pouted. Strings of blonde hair stuck to my sweaty forehead, I was an adorable, flustered mess. “Mnngh..! S-Shut u-uuup..!” I groaned. Tristan smirked.

To Be Continued…


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