When I was last seducing my stepbrother, I had just felt something against my leg! Let’s see what happens.

I clutched the fabric of his t-shirt as I started to drift off as well… until I felt a subtle bump against my leg. 

I thought to myself that it could of just been some bunched up folds in Tristan’s pants, until I realized my leg was pressed against his crotch area. My face went red in an instant, and I looked up to Tristan, not sure if I wanted to say something.

“T-Tristan…? D..do you have a boner right now?”

Tristan’s face flushed immediately. “Y-yeah, kinda..” He admitted, embarrassed and a little ashamed. I tried my best to stifle my laughter. 

We sat there in perfect, awkward silence before I broke it once again. “Y’know,” I began, “I could uhm..help you get rid of it..” I suggested shyly.

Tristan only responded with a quiet grunt and more silence. “G-go to sleep, Athena..” He mumbled groggily and attempted to doze off. 

I trailed a finger on his chest and pouted. “Pretty please? Nobody’s awake but us… we can just be super quiet…” I implored further as my hand traveled upward and caressed the side of Tristan’s neck and to his cheek.

“A-Athena…” Tristan grumbled and huffed as I playfully held his face, squishing his cheeks. He looked down at me and saw me smiling up at him, the faint moonlight leaking through the window illuminating my silly grin. He narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips, trying to hold back a giggle. I brought my face slowly closer to his, closer and closer, until our noses touched. “Boop…” I said quietly. Tristan gave up and sighed deeply, chuckling just a little. 

“Fine, you win…” He said, and I did a silent little cheer. I had always had a crush on Tristan, and now I had a chance to try out some over those moves I’d only been about to try on my friends at sleepovers on a real live boy. Now I had a chance to seduce my stepbrother. I pulled him in for a kiss and our lips finally touched. Tristan kissed me back and his hands traveled along my sides and down to my waist. His fingers slipped underneath the waistband of my pale orange panda pajama pants and slowly worked them down around my hips.

I broke the kiss, and breathed softly. “H-here..” I said as my hand fell from his face and down to his hand. “Lemme help..” I reached my hand deeper under the covers and grabbed my pants, pulling them down to where my rump would just be exposed. Tristan started to pull down his pants until my hand gently touched his. Together, we both quietly pulled Tristan’s pants down thigh-level. I bravely touched the bulge in his underwear, making him gasp quietly and grab my wrist.

“H-Hnnh..-thena..-” He protested, but I pressed a finger to his lips, shushing him.

“Shh..it’s okay..” I reassured him as I reached into his underwear. I gently stroked his erect shaft and slowly pulled down his underwear to his thighs. Tristan huffed gently and bit down on his finger to keep himself from moaning out. It felt so powerful, to know that I was the one making him make those noises. Maybe I was better than I thought. 

To Be Continued…


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